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All the People Eminem Dissed in His New Album.

Updated on December 16, 2018

All the people Eminem dissed in his album 'Kamikaze'

We all know Eminem came back with rage and fury after what people said about the album 'Revival' he released in 2017. A lot of personalities, mostly rappers, said something that offended Eminem after the release of Revival, which triggered him to release this surprise album, replying to almost all of them. Here are the names of the people Eminem dissed, and what he said about them.

1. Machine Gun Kelly (MGK)

There has been a lot of buzz between this two. It all started in 2012 when MGK wrote a tweet about Eminem's daughter Hailee, saying she's "hot as f*ck" and also a song MGK sang with a rapper called Tech 9, in which MGK said Eminem can rap, but he's not a God, which triggered Eminem to reply him in his track 'Not alike' saying "Oh you run the streets huh? Now you wanna come and f*ck with me, huh? This little c*ck-socker, he must be feeling himself, He wants to keep up His tough demeanour, so he does a feature, decides to team up with Nina but next time you don’t gotta use Tech 9 if you wanna come at me with a sub-machine gun. And I’m talking to you but you already know who the f*ck you are, Kelly, I don’t use sublims and sure as f*ck don’t sneak-diss, but keep commenting on my daughter Hailie”. From what Eminem said here, he sure is mad about what MGK said about Hailee his daughter and about what he said in his song with Tech 9.

2. Die Antwoord

Who/what is that you might ask? Die Antwoord is a South African hip hop duo who Eminem "mispronounced" their name in his song 'untouchable' by saying "I'll rather say " Die N Word". They immediately replied to Eminem by releasing a video of them mispronouncing Eminem's name. He then replied to them in his track 'Greatest' by saying "Oh yeah, let me get this out the way I know there's people that are pissed about the way I mispronounced a name "DIE ANTWOORD!" F*ck, I still can't say the sh*t But how quickly they forget who the f*ck I was Now Ninja try to duck my slugs to let ya girl get f*cked by Muggs I'd like to give a shout to Cypress This can't be real, you dissed me and I was just tryin' to Give you a shout, now get the f*ck out my rhyme book!

3. Lil' Yachty

Eminem dissed the rapper's choppy flow in his song 'The Ringer' by saying “I can see why people like Lil Yachty, but not me though, Not even dissin’, it just ain’t for me”. Eminem was clearly mocking him by saying that people like Lil Yachty but not him

4. Joe Budden

Who? An internet rap purist known for taking shots at others. He described Eminem's collab with Rihanna 'Walk On Water' as "Trash". Eminem replied to him in 'The Ringer' saying "I'm sorry, wait, what's your talent? Oh, critiquin' My talent? Oh, b*tch, I don't know who the f*ck y'all are to give a sub-par bar, even have an opinion of you..."

5. Lil' Pump and Lil Xan

In 'The Ringer' Eminem dissed many people, especially mumble rappers, he said they imitate Lil Wayne in the line "Lil Pump, Lil Xan imitate Lil Wayne I should aim at everybody in the game, pick a name..." Lil Pump replied on Twitter by saying "Thanks, I deserved that".

6. Charlemagne tha god

Eminem dissed Radio and TV personality Charlemagne tha god because he has criticized some of his albums, and previously said that his BET cypher was " just OK". Eminem replied in his track 'fall' by saying “You’d swear to God I’ve forgot I’m the guy that made “Not Afraid”, one last time for Charlemagne, if my response is late, it’s just how long it takes to hit my f*ckin’ radar, I’m so far away”.

7. Migos

Never noticed? Eminem also dissed the trio when he rapped in the way they do in his track 'Not Alike' he did this when he said “Brain dead, eye drops. Pain meds, cyclops. They bed, iPod. Maybach, my bach Trainwrecks, sidewalks. Pay less, high-tops. K-Fed, iHop. Playtex, ice spots” He did this mocking their choppy flow from the song 'Bad and Boujee'.

8. Mumble rappers

Em dissed all mumble rappers in this album kamikaze. He made mention of them several times in his songs, like when he said "Hatata batata, why don’t we make a bunch of f*cking songs about nothin’ and mumble! And f*ck it, I’m goin’ for the jugular. Shit is a circus, you clowns that are coming up don’t give an ounce of a motherf*ck about the ones that were here before you to make raps, it’s recap...” in his song 'The Ringer'.

9. Drake

Drizzy was also part of the rappers Eminem dissed in kamikaze. They has been an old issue about Drake having "Ghost writers", and Eminem talked about it when he said “"You got some views, but you’re still below me. Mine are higher, so when you compare our views, you get overlooked. "And I don’t say the hook unless I wrote the hook"”.

Eminem overall seemed angry and frustrated about the negative reaction on his 'Revival' album, so that's what led to his harsh words and insults on everyone that didn't like it, and focused his attention on the mumble rappers who he considers as a virus to the rap industry.


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