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All those tears for you Muna

Updated on January 17, 2016

Nwadiani, you were reserved from childhood and somehow special, so many people liked you and your kind nature was felt by all who related with you, I can’t tell much about your growing up but most of your classmates happened to be my good friends now and I was told that you liked making everyone happy perhaps that was why you excelled in Nollywood. You left a print visible to both new and old, believe me someone said that you left your signature and I believe him.

I heard about it couple of hours after it happened and at first, I considered it a joke; a kind of junk news but considering where it came from, I decided to call you immediately but your cell rang and rang and rang and rang and rang until I eventually confirmed the news. My heart was broken just like everyone that knew you. I never knew that you were sick and that was the question your shocking departure left most people that knew you asking.

Was Muna sick?

There were lots of controversial statements, some people believed that you contributed to the sickness but each time I heard someone say that you drink and smoke a lot thus the kidney ailment, I make sure that I tell the person about folks who never smoked nor drank yet suffered the same ailment and even didn’t battle it like you bravery did. My good friend, it is been a year since you left this sinful world and I believe that you are safer and happier where you are now.

We all miss you and the other day; I saw little Muna smiling then it occurred to me that you are just fine where you are. Gift is doing great too so is everyone that truly cared about you. It’s now one year and today we mark your remembrance though so many People have even forgotten but someone special to you called me yesterday and reminded me that today will mark one year of your shocking and painful demise and I looked up to the sky and wondered how time fly but until I see you again my friend Muna, always rest in peace.

All those tears for you Muna

It was a dark day in our lives

You were vibrant and strong

You knew the dangers facing you

Lying on that bed having dialysis

You knew what that sickness was

But you refused to accept its defeat

All those tears for you Muna

We spoke on the eve of the New Year

And you gave me your words

Although I wasn’t fully prepared

But I just wanted to be sure of your support

Eighteen days afterwards

It turned out so bad that I couldn’t sleep

All those tears for you Muna

You slipped away drawing tears around

When I saw the procession at Surulere

I imagined if I was loved like you

You were loved in life, you had fans

But loved more in death and had more fans

People were calling and mailing from afar

All those tears for you Muna

Dedicated to the memory of my late friend Muna Obiekwe


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