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Allied (2016) Review

Updated on January 12, 2018

Allied is the perfect romantic thriller for those who miss the drama-filled movies of the 90’s.Brad Pitt(Max Vatan) and Marion Cotillard(Marianne beauséjour) play the role of spies, during World War II. They meet each other on a mission to assassinate the German ambassador of Casablanca where they posed as a married couple.As the story progresses, as most of the viewers would have predicted, they fall in love with each other and Marion moves to London with Max.This is when we come to know that Max is the wing commander of the Canadian air force and Marianne was a French resistance fighter.Here the viewers are diverted from the elegant streets of the middle east to the war filled streets of England.

Zemeckis has offered his viewers a striking contrast of destinations, from the sandstorm in the Moroccan desert, to the dingy cells of Delamare, to the old English village of Hampstead, to medicine hat, all of the destinations play an important role in shaping the past, present, and future of the characters.

The movie is an apt depiction of the wartime.Marianne living each day with the fear that they might not have a tomorrow, the lives of people that are spent on war, the blood-filled streets where Marianne had to give birth to Anna,the blue dye operation whereby Max was asked to execute Marianne if proven guilty for being a German spy and the residues of the warlike Guy Sangster who live their lives in misery, all show the effect of war on the lives of people.The production designers have done a splendid job in recreating the wartime Everything from the Humber snipe car and Sten MKII guns to the Lysander aircrafts perfectly reflects that time period.

The first half of the movie focuses on action scenes and since that's Brad Pitt’s forte,once again he hasn't failed to impress!The chemistry between Brad Pitt and Marion Collard is what keeps the viewers engaged in the movie during the first half although the actual character development starts only after the first half of the movie.And I have to mention the glamorous and elegant dresses that add to Marianne's charm.The movie ends with a surprising turn of events.Even though the movie lags at some points, it won't fail to entertain.This is a perfect retro movie for those who miss the glamour, elegance, action, and mystery of old classics.

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