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Amaal Nuux - A story of Hope

Updated on July 21, 2013

Who is Amaal Nuux? Most described by her sound, a fine-tuned voice pared with moving melodies bellowing through her chest - truly captivating. Amaal intuitively maintains her stimulating sound, allowing the intelligent style of classical rhythm&blues to discover the depths of her voice. Just listening to her music its apparent she puts real thought and emphasis on her lyricism. With any true passion obstacles present themselves in all forms and all fronts, and this songstress has overcome a radical amount of trails in a short span of time.

To every body's surprise but her own she's been successful thus far and growing in leaps down her road of creative liberation. Four months into the début of the utterly honest “words revealed” it’s reached an incredible 150k views on YouTube. Admiring young girls relating to Amaal`s revelation create their own versions as covers, on YouTube. Since the release of "Words Revealed" Amaals popularity on social networks has been sky rocketing, gaining 4500 fans on Face book and her twitter following doubling. Musicians and producers applaud Amaal's emotional involvement and intensity pouring from her songs.

Her work has even been commended by the internationally acclaimed K`naan and the very popular rapper Nipsey Hustle. Take in her fan favourite heart gripping “With You” with 80k views within two months! Amaal was born in Mogadishu, Somalia but soon after the whole family immigrated to Toronto as refugees due to the devastating civil war that’s been raging for decades since. She is a middle child of 9 siblings 2 brothers and 7 sisters, whom have all been raised by a liberal traditional Muslim-Somali mother and father. Singing is not looked gracefully upon as a career, with the Nuuxs. Amaal's parents were in disbelief when she decided to take time off from university to pursue singing. From early on she was deemed the black sheep and quiet peculiar in an endearing way. However the charm of it all wore off in late adolescence.

Amaal struggled with depression as a teenager, a condition which isn’t recognized even slightly in Somali culture. Amaal was confounded with contemplation about her career path and a little lost of in the midst of finding herself. What western society labels a youth asserting ones freedom and independence. Somalis call a one way ticket to the motherland. Her parents believed the trip would inspire and trump her, what they viewed as rebellious behaviour. Amaal reckoned it cruel and unusual punishment, however now she declares it a blessing disguise. In Somalia without outside influence and distraction, she stuck to a regime of self-sacrifice only to understand the blessings found in routine. Depression was driven out with empathy, sense of purpose and humanitarianism. Exposed to poverty, she learned to be humble in continuous acts of charity and a good listener by the beauty in storytelling. Also what she described as at first sheer boredom, Amaal found solace in singing and writing, quickly becoming an attraction for the people within her village.

By performing for neighbouring guests, who censor no views for the sake of niceties, she gained wisdom, built character and here the seed of song took root in her spirit. Amaal returned to Toronto with intention, enrolled in a great program of international development studies at UofT. She attempted to join partnerships with producer’s, songwriters, and artist alike. However their visions clashed and always ended in loss time and contempt.

Hindered by time but not by spirit, these mishaps conditioned her psyche for what’s to come. Amaal figured the way to slim her chances of disappointment is to remove all dependency and completely investment in herself - by herself. There’s a sincerity of struggle and wisdom in Amaal's delivery, that veteran songstresses like Mary j bilge and Celine Dion are renowned for. She strives for quality music and to entertain her fans. Her ultimate goal with her current project is to allow young people to develop healthy ideas about themselves and the world. Amaal is currently wrapping up her full EP "Painful Secrets" set to be released Spring 2012.


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