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Amazingly Cute Baby Animal Videos

Updated on October 23, 2015
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Rohan believes that animals are beautiful people! He lives in Chennai, India with two dogs and six Lovebirds!


When Cute takes Over

Who doesn't like cute and fluffy little creatures? There is no such person! We've all let our hearts melt and drain away looking at images of young, wild animals on Google or Facebook. Admit it. You've done it too!

Here are some amazing videos of charismatic little baby animals that you will want to keep watching for long.


I do not encourage keeping wild animals or endangered species as pets. This could be dangerous to both the pet and the owner and do a great disservice to wildlife conservation. Further, many countries make it illegal to keep wild animals as pets. Wild animals that end up as pets are often trapped in the wild, with their parents being killed in the process.

Some Exotic Species Kept as Pets (Legally and Illegally)

Slow Lorises
Sloth Bears

1. Little Gorilla Girl

Doesn't she look so incredibly much like you or I? And she is an explorer of all that surrounds her. That is obvious! And is she actually posing for the camera and smiling at the end of the video?

2. Baby Tiger and Dog

At the best of times, tigers and dogs aren't meant to be together. However, when a rare encounter (in a house of course!) happens, it is one to be filmed and shared for posterity!

3. Baby Bear

Bears are creatures of the forest that are threatened by the unintelligent actions of the people who intrude into their territory.

The little fellow in the video has been rescued and is in rehabilitation.

4. Baby Lion and Baby Tiger Playing

It's unlikely you will ever find a little Tiger and Lion having a swat at each other in the wild because their habitats do not overlap in the present day. The only country where you can even imagine of such an event happening is India, but even here, Tiger and Lion habitat are separated by hundreds and thousands of square miles of human habitation.

5. Baby Orangutan

Orangutans are among the most endearing of all the Great Apes. Unlike Gorillas and Chimpanzees, they almost never appear to be threatening. Little Orangutans are even more charismatic. A baby Orangutan in an underwear is a bucket load of fun!

6. Little Slow Loris Eating Rice

This is one of the rarer videos you will come across. How often does one see a wide-eyed Slow Loris hold a fork in one hand and a rice ball in the other?

7. Clouded Leopard Cubs

Hear the squeals of these aggressive little siblings! They are new to the world and are all set to take on it with gusto! And even this young, they bite and chew!

8. Baby Jaguars

Now it's time for cute Jaguar cubs in faraway Russia. Far not only for us but also for the cubs that are native to South and Central America. Notice how inquisitive they are!

9. Clumsy Dog and Little Tiger

The little Tiger feels ill-at-ease on the tiled floor. The adult dog, only as big as the Tiger cub, is not comfortable either.

10. Naughty Little Panda Cubs

Now, who doesn't love little Pandas? They epitomize the word "cute." When they try to escape their human captors, they really do put in their firmest effort!

I look forward to your honest response...

How did you feel when you watched these videos?

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Have you had any exciting experience with a little wild animal that you would like to tell others of?

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