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American Idol Season 12 - Top 3 Recap

Updated on May 9, 2013

The best of the best remain as we get down to the wire. The top three ladies perform three songs each - the first round being selections chosen by resident mentor Jimmy Iovine. Round two will be chosen by the judges and round three are Idol production picks (whatever that means). We'll be treated to footage from each contestant's hometown visit, and hopefully a winner will emerge with a stand-out performance.

No time to waste. First up....Kree.

Kree Harrison - "Perfect" (Pink)

Keith - "You're a country girl. I love that no matter what you sing, you have such a signature sound."

Nicki - "The quality of your voice is always filled with so much quality."

Randy - "I didn't love that song so much for you."

Mariah - "It must be difficult to have someone to pick songs for you."

There's a certain desperation in this song when it's sung by Pink that I didn't feel from Kree at all. The lyrics convey a situation where the subject is in a tragic, self-loathing position and needs someone to convince them to hang on - to not lose hope. They're scared, Helpless. Sad. Kree smiled through a lot of this and shook hands with fans in the pit as if she was trying to sing it to them, but it all felt a bit staged and fake. I didn't feel that she connected with the lyrics or the meaning of the song. It was all a bit strange. C-

Candice Glover - "One" (U2)

Keith - "It was a great song choice. I love that you have so much power."

Nicki - "You are on your way - you are a diva - you did it justice."

Randy - "That song gives you room to grow and to soar and sing like you so naturally and easily do."

Mariah - "You always bring so much to the table as a singer."

I'm not sure why Jimmy picked this song in particular, but what's important is that he gave her a great song - and that's all that matters. Give this girl a well written song and she'll not only do it justice, but also make it her own. Even though it clocked in at over two and a half minutes, it still felt too short. I can't say enough about how good Candice is. A

Angie Miller - "Sorry Seems To Be the Hardest Word" (Elton John)

Keith - "I would've been happy with you holding back even more."

Nicki - "This was a stellar vocal...but it didn't hit me emotionally like I would've wanted it to, but you're clearly bringing it to win this competition."

Randy - "I actually really liked it."

Mariah - "I felt that this was one of the best performances that I've seen you do."

I just have to point out all of the things that I loved about this. Excellent song choice. Big props to the show's director for limiting the straight on camera angle where Angie's smoldering eyes locked in with the lens. The set design was exceptional - with the thigh length stage smoke accentuating the depth of the song flanked by a violin sextet on both sides and gorgeous flattering lighting. She feels like she's acting sometimes..but so what? Lea Michelle acts too...and she's a brilliant singer. Angie made it feel real for me...and especially sealed the deal with her eyelids shut at the end. A

Jimmy gives Round One to Angie

Candice Glover - "Next To Me" (Emile Sande')

Candice got to ride a scooter, reunite with her family, and sing at her first ever concert in her hometown of St. Helena Island in South Carolina. May 4th became Candice Glover Day as appropriated by Governor Nikki Haley with a framed proclamation. The whole piece was very sweet - and the humility and humanity was glaringly apparent in Candice's entire demeanor. Even without her singing she feels like a winner.

Keith - "This wasn't even a song - it was a conversation."

Nicki - "You have come out swinging in this competition."

Randy - "We all got lifted with you."

Mariah - "I felt like you got re-energized when you went home."

I liked this song choice - especially since I never heard it before. Candice sang it like it was her song and as far as I'm is. It almost seems redundant and obvious right now to say that she is the winner of this competition. She is on par with some of the greatest singers of our time. Hopefully after the show ends, she'll hook up with some quality songwriters and endure for as long as she lives. I just hope she gets some better fashion advice because that outfit was awful on all counts. It hardly matters though. Everything about that was touching, sweet and real. A-

Angie Miller - "Try" (Pink)

Fox 25 News in Boston welcomed Angie in for the morning broadcast during her hometown visit...and even let her play in front of the weatherman's green screen. It may be advantageous for her that the city is still feeling the effects of the recent tragedy, and she brings a positive light to people that want to feel really good about something. This reel depicted Angie as a such a sweet person...filled with the exuberance of a fortunate and supremely talented young woman. I loved that the live clip showed her performing her original song...which is sure to be the show-stopper next week.

Keith - "I love that you didn't play the piano."

Nicki - "You believed every single word."

Randy - "That song fit you like a glove."

Mariah - "There was a confidence that you have subsequently to coming back [from home]."

By leaps and bounds this was one of the best performances by Angie where she wasn't behind the piano. She (finally) played to the crowd and only shot a look at the camera a few times and kept the stare brief. She looked comfortable and much looser than I've ever seen her. This was another good song choice by the judges and felt like it could be on the charts with Angie's vocal. A

Kree Harrison - "Here Comes Goodbye" (Rascal Flatts)

Kree hugged a whole bunch of people and attended crawfish boil before visiting her childhood home with her sister. The fact that she lost her parents at a young age made this trip emotionally deep....but she quickly rebounded with a local parade, an afternoon at the rodeo (complete with riding the mechanical bull), and a concert at Ford Park Arena where she performed for a packed house.

Keith - "It was the perfect song. You had me from beginning to end."

Nicki - "When you went back home, you were able to regain something that you could actually feel."

Randy - "You just sang you're heart out."

Mariah - "I'm so in awe of the purity of you when you sing."

I didn't know this song, but all I could think of while she was performing was how good it probably sounds when Rascal Flatts does it. She sang well...she sings everything well. It still didn't move me as much as the other two girls always do. B-

Jimmy gives Round 2 to Kree

Angie Miller - "Maybe" (Emile Sande')

Keith - "You're finding your groove."

Nicki - "You've come full circle now. You are out of your head. As long as you feel it, we'll feel it."

Randy - "I believe that tonight you became a complete performer."

Mariah - "I felt like you were really feeling the song."

This performance epitomizes the beauty and magic of this show. Angie has come into her own. She became grounded with her hometown visit and it's glaringly apparent in her performing. She's doing all of the things that she should be (and that I suggested) like ignoring the camera (for the most part) getting lost in and feeling the song, and delivering a solid vocal. Her level of comfort, confidence and conviction has never been higher. This was a stellar performance by a future top selling artist. A

Kree Harrison - "Better Dig Two" (The Band Perry)

Keith - "It didn't feel right for me."

Nicki - "That's not your comfort zone."

Randy - "You did your best and tried to rock it out."

Mariah - "I like the sorrow more than the anger."

Cool song. Lame performance. C

Candice Glover - "Somewhere" (from West Side Story)

Keith - "How do you do that?"

Nicki - "Four words - See you next week."

Randy - "You are such a pro - it was so incredible."

Mariah - "Thank you for singing that."

Epic. Brilliant. Stunning. Genius. A+

Well the show has certainly steered this towards a Candice/Angie showdown next week. The Country vote usually trumps all so we may be in for a surprise, but if America gets it right, then Kree will only grace the stage next week as the runner-up to the runner-up in the Thursday finale. There is no way that Idols powers-that-be will allow an ending that doesn't feature Angie's brilliant original song that has been featured several times already this season. And Candice is clearly already a superstar...and should emerge victorious next week.

Going home - Kree

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