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American Idol Spoiler Watch: Bryce Larsen

Updated on January 10, 2010

Will the Soulful Rocker Take American Idol by Storm?

Bryce Larsen is just that - a soulful rocker. You don't see too many like Bryce. He is a hybrid who doesn't fit very well in a pre-conceived box. As the ninth season of American Idol is about to kick off, Bryce has emerged as one of the early American Idol spoilers. Now, I am high on Bryce and already consider him an American Idol favorite. However, fans are well aware that the first step to stardom on American Idol is to get past the judges and producers and survive to the voting rounds. Additionally, Bryce is already drawing parallels to Kris Allen, last year's Idol winner. This is not a good sign because each season seems to produce a markedly different kind of winner than the year before. All things considered, though, Bryce has a solid shot to make the Top 12 this season on Idol.

One other thing that could halt Bryce's chances is that the Powers That Be may be looking for a girl winner this year. This is just a theory thrown around by Idol fans, but the judges do seem to pretty consistently know who they are going to push well before the voting rounds even begin. The guys were pushed hard the last two years, and a guy won each year. Judge Randy Jackson has already said the girls are better, so it's a fairly safe bet that the string pullers behind Idol will be overpraising some girls this year and finding fault with the guy contestants.

Check out the Bryce Larsen YouTube channel for his performances. If the competition is based on talent (it's actually a popularity contest, but let me dream for a bit), Bryce should be a lock for the voting rounds. Other than a few notes that border on getting a bit shrill, Bryce has amazing vocal tone, range, and control. For example, his performance of The Beatles' "Come Together" is very soulful and has a touch of uniqueness to boot.

He also plays the guitar. This is probably why he reminds some people of Kris Allen, who also plays the guitar and looks just a little bit like Bryce Larsen. However, this comparison is way off the mark in my opinion. Bryce is a much better vocalist than Kris Allen, who is easily the weakest vocalist among American Idol winners. Bryce actually has a more unique style and injects soul into his performances. He is a much better singer than Kris, but his chances of winning decrease if people make the connection to Kris.

Larsen even incorporates hip hop into his overall style. His performance of TLC's "No Scrubs" is a good example of his diverse style. This suggests that he has versatility, which is a good characteristic of an American Idol contestant when considering all the genres they have to wade through in the competition. He also has shown good range. Check out "Green Light" to see his range and vocal control.

It's hard to determine the importance of looks and personality in an Idol contestant. But Bryce appears to be a good-looking guy with an engaging personality. When combining that with his musical and vocal talent, he has a solid chance of getting votes. If he can get through the judges to the voting rounds, he has a solid chance of actually making the Top 5 on this season of American Idol.


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