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American Idol Spoiler for Alexander "Alex" Lambert

Updated on January 24, 2010

Will He Be American Idol Favorite or Cannon Fodder?

Alexander "Alex" Lambert has been revealed as one of the contestants to make the Top 24 on this season of American Idol. Every year, places like and release American Idol spoilers. These spoilers sometimes change and are not always correct, but it appears that Lambert has made it. Out of the spoiler contestants that have been revealed, Alex makes me scratch my head as much or more than any other. I can't see much talent in him. It is quite possible that Alex is being set up as cannon fodder. Unless he shows something different than what can be seen in his YouTube videos online, he will not be an American Idol favorite this season.

Every year, Idol producers put in contestants with little to no chance of winning. Fans of the show sometimes call these contestants "cannon fodder." The theory goes that these contestants make it easier for the chosen favorites to sail through to the Top 12. By that time, the favorites may or may not build up a fan base sufficient to go deep (some contestants like Carly Smithson were set up as favorites but couldn't build a large fan base), but it at least helps them get deeper in the competition, making it more likely that one of the producers' favorites will ultimately win.

The problem with putting in cannon fodder is that some of these contestants survive despite the intentions of the show. Fans then have to put up with one bad performance after another. Sanjaya Malakar and Haley Scarnato are good examples. They helped to make Season 6 possibly the worst season ever.

Alex Lambert may turn out to be one of these cannon-fodder types. Videos of him online suggest a rather poor singer who has virtually no chance of winning. His performance of "I'm Yours" is excrutiatingly bad. "Twist and Shout" at least shows that he can add some grit to his voice, so he may have something to offer. But that performance is also inconsistent. Lambert seems to lack the kind of voice to get through a song without trailing off at the end of notes due to lack of power.

Who knows? Maybe he was just having a bad day. After all, the videos were shot on the same night. But this is unlikely. He did not appear sick, drunk, or in a bad mood. We'll just have to wait and see how he performs on the show.

All in all, Alex Lambert appears to have very low odds of coming in as the favorite to win American Idol. I'm sure some will like him, as even the worst contestants get fans. As it stands now, though, Lambert appears to be cannon fodder. He is taking up space that a good singer could have filled in the competition.


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      Me 8 years ago

      He isn't that bad.