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American Idol Title Up For Grabs

Updated on April 30, 2009

Final four prepare to Rock n Roll

A shocking twist Wednesday night on Fox's American Idol as 45 million voters place two previous fan faves in jeopardy of leaving the show. Kris Allen, Matt Giraud, and Adam Lambert were all among the bottom three, but the most jaw dropping result was Lambert's place in the trio. Lambert has consistently delivered engaging, offbeat, and rather theatrical perfomances, making him a frequent topic around the water cooler, and was even considered the front-runner in recent weeks. Did I mention he has a vocal range that could stop you in your tracks? His lowly position floored even the judges who had to admit that this has now become a real race to the end. And let's face it, the talent among the remaining contestants is stellar. Matt Giraud, from Grand Rapids, Michigan was the one singing his swan song in the end, giving a reprieve to Lambert and another fan favorite, Kris Allen.

Next week will prove to be interesting yet again as the remaining foursome perform songs from the Rock n Roll songbook. Lambert and Allison Iraheta, the raspy red headed fire bomb, will be more in their element here. Danny Gokey and Kris Allen, who both seem to be enjoying rising stock, will have more of a challenge performing within this genre. Who will deliver? Good question.

One thing is clear, the gloves are off and the game is on.

...and as we've seen tonight, anything can happen. The fab four will each sing two songs next week. Only then will we discover who strikes the loudest chord with American voters, and there's a lot of them. This year, the weekly voter count has ranged from 30 to 45 million ticks, which far exceeds that of previous seasons. This speaks volumes about the talent of these season 8 contestants, and keeps us all tuned in for another week of Idol fever.

Just the way Fox likes it.


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