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American Idol Top 3

Updated on May 18, 2009

This episode was all about the judges. I thought Kara and Simon were about to throw down, cage-style! She always reverts back to her vast musical resume like she has something to prove. Has Simon ever done an arrangement for a song? No. But we all know she has, since she's been kind enough to remind us periodically throughout the season.

I think Paula wanted Danny to go home. Why else would she choose "Dance Little Sister"? I'm sure she had the best intentions, but the pills made her do it. The only advantage he had was that no one knows if he's doing an original or copy-cat version of the song. He gave a solid effort to pretend like he was into it, but it's difficult to make apple pie out of unripe mangos.

I think Kara and Randy confused Kris with Matt Giraud. They wanted the latter to sing "Apologize" all season. Maybe Kris should have played the guitar instead of the piano, just to give it a different flava. I think he chose to do this one so close to the original since his second performance of the night was such a deviation. Sidebar: What was up with Kris's one random blue fingernail? Does he think he's Carson Daly circa 1999? He's probably too young to even get that reference. Sigh.

I know a bunch of people out there were wetting their pants over Adam's rendition of U2's "One." Shockingly (I'm sure), I was not a member of such crowd. I thought the middle was a mess, his shirt was awful, and I just wasn't into it at all. I didn't get it. That's all I have to say. Randy commented that Adam is definitely one of the three hottest left in the competition. Someone should remind Randy that there are only 3 contestants left...

It's nice that they gave the world an update on Idol Gives Back, since they couldn't afford to put on a big extravaganza for it this year. Plus, it was an opportunity for Carrie Underwood to demonstrate her people skills. She asked a nice African lady if she had ever suffered from malaria, like she was asking for the location of the closest bus stop. Then, Carrie made sure that American Idol received credit for that lady's clean bill of health. "Good, the mosquito nets are working." Oh, Carrie.

My boy, Danny was so dreamy during "You are So Beautiful." I was into the orchestra placement. I'm a fan of the Gokey-style buildup and the end of the song was definitely the hottest part. Vocally, he's off the heezy. Danny only makes me nervous that he would end up making a Taylor Hicks-style album (snoozer!). Other than that, nothing but true love from me to him.

I was recently introduced to The Fray's cover of "Heartless" so I wasn't shocked by Kris's choice. It was kind of like David Cook's "Billie Jean" last season. Anywho, I loved Kris's performance. He did it Kris Allen-style, and the simplicity of it was beautiful. It's all about the lyrics and just getting them out there. He's the only one that I can foresee myself listening to his album or seeing him in concert.

Do I really need to say that I didn't like Adam's version of "Cryin"? I actually wanted to get into it, but he made it too singy (not a word, but I'm at a loss) when he should have gone for the grit. It was also doused in an excess of over-indulgent screeching--even for him. It seems like it's gone to his head that people like his style, but I think he overdid it. I do not understand why the judges shine his hiney for him.

Results Show:

I'm glad that little girl in Milwaukee has finally clarified for me why I love Danny so much. He's got good glasses! The lunatic who chased him in the plaid pink pants is having THE BEST WEEK EVER! Too bad Danny is not. Johnny Avello from Las Vegas predicted Danny's departure on the Daily 10. I learn so much from TV. I'll miss ya, Danny boy!

It's good that American Idol's budget allows the final 3 to take private jets to their hometowns. Do their entourages get to roll in lux too? Kris's wife looked annoyed the entire time they were in Conway. Maybe she had to fly coach?

They flew Adam to San Diego from LA. That's insane. They most have been in the air for all of 12 minutes. I'll hand it to him; he's definitely the most well- spoken and most comfortable with excessive attention. I can only imagine what the military dudes at Miramar were thinking when they heard that fancy boy was coming to their base. Notice how it was all wives and kids in the audience.

So it got me thinking, does it even matter who wins season 8? I'll never purchase an Adam Lambert CD-I don't hide the fact that his murderous screams are not my cup of tea. However, I have two Kris Allen downloads and Jamie Foxx suggested some sort of collaboration. Clay outsold Ruben by how many?


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    • traslochimilano profile image

      traslochimilano 5 years ago from USA

      Find one of the best idol among all of three is the toughest task. Nice Written