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American Sniper's Murderer: Veteran Eddie Routh

Updated on February 8, 2015
The murderer and Chris Kyle
The murderer and Chris Kyle
Eddie Routh
Eddie Routh

When the movie American Sniper ended, I was, like most others, loved the movie but wanted more. The story did not end where it did because Kyle was murdered by a fellow Iraqi war vet, Eddie Routh.

Eddie killed both Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield on February 3, 2013, on a remote gun range where Kyle had taken Eddie to shoot for sport. Like Kyle, Eddie did suffer from Post Traumatic Syndrome Disorder, which was the reason Kyle had taken him to the gun range for therapy. Routh was a former decorated Marine and simply turned and fired upon both men, he then took Kyle's truck and fled. Routh had been in and out of vet psychiatric hospitals, he had threatened to commit suicide and kill his family. Routh's problems all stem from tours in Iraq. His defense attorney will claim insanity and few can actually disagree with his problems since leaving the military. Getting a fair trial in light of the American Sniper hoopla may be a real problem for Routh. Kyle is such a celebrated person now, it might hard to provide a balanced jury.

However, there seems to be some evidence that Eddie Routh served one tour in Iraq in 2007, at Balad Air Base (the 2nd largest U.S. installation in Iraq), with no significant events. No combat experience. His job was to repair weapon systems. Eddie also was a guard for Muslim terrorists. Many think Eddie became radicalized to some degree sympathizing with the extremists through conversations with POWs. His father stated that Eddie did call him and told him how unhappy he was about the POW treatment and conditions they endured. Is it possible that Eddie had decided to murder Chris Kyle, known to terrorists as the " Devil of Ramadi"? If Eddie did not engage in combat, PTSD could not have happened. But Eddie also went to Haiti for the hurricane relief effort and was traumatized in Haiti where he put hundreds of bodies into mass graves. Perhaps, that is where he really developed PTSD. According his parents, Haiti changed him with the mass graves of people. He received an honorable discharge in 2010. After Haiti, his parents state he was in a daze-like state, just doing nothing but began PTSD treatments at a vet hospital. Sudden popping sounds caused him to lay prone on the ground. His doctor had him under 11 types of medication. His father stated that one time during a normal conservation he declared that he was a vampire and dracula, wanting to suck blood. That is when his dad unload the revolver that was in his hand.

The movie, American Sniper, short circuited the end of Chris Kyle by simply stating that he was killed. Despite the tragedy, the movie would have far more dramatic impact had they shown how Kyle was killed that day with a bullet in the back from Eddie Routh.


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    • perrya profile image

      perrya 2 years ago

      Thanks, tragic story.

    • tirelesstraveler profile image

      Judy Specht 2 years ago from California

      Nice investigative work.