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America's Next Top Model Cycle 18 - Season Premiere Recap

Updated on March 15, 2012

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Cycle 18 - Episode 1 Recap

Recap of Episode 1 which originally aired on February 29, 2012

Tonight Cycle 18 of America's Next Top Model premiered with 7 new American contestants versus 7 seasoned British veterans. The British models were picked from previous seasons of Britian's Next Top Model.

Meet the Models

Throughout the start of the show, a few of the models introduced themselves. Here's what they had to say.

  • AzMarie - 24 from Milwaukee, WI - Says she is Androgynous, i.e. she can be masculine or feminine when modeling
  • Sophie - 21 from Oxford, England - She wants to break into the American Market
  • Kyle - 20 from Magnolia, TX - Grew up in a small town
  • Annaliese - 24 from London, England - She's a model, TV and Radio presenter
  • Mariah - 20 from Pendleton, OR - She's the first Native American to ever be on America's Next Top Model
  • Laura - 20 from Scotia, NY - She is a "true bisexual", whatever that means
  • Ashley - 22 from Armadale, Scotland - Her accent is really thick making it hard for the American's to understand her. She has two kids.
  • Eboni - 18 from Seattle, WA - She has a scholarship to college but didn't want to pass up the opportunity to be on the show
  • Seymone - 19 from Augusta, GA - She's a plus sized model who grew up as a "military brat".
  • Candace - 22 from Brooklen, NY - She's the tough girl of the group
  • Alisha - 20 from South London, England - She came from a drug and crime filled neighborhood and modeled her way out

When the American girls first found out their competition were British models, they seemed less than amused. The British girls were very excited to be here, of course! Nigel announced their first challenge would be a "fierce" parade followed by a runway pose-off. Just like last season, the models are going to come out in front of their fans on a big outdoor runway. It's fun to get the fans involved right from the start.

Getting Ready

The models rushed to hair and makeup to get ready for the parade. The models had a chance to talk and get to know each other. This was when some of the American's found out the British models had been on another season of their own show before.

The Competition

The girls came down the street on floats - one for the Americans (which got lots of cheers), and one for the British (which got no cheers). The models then proceeded to the runway where, once again, the Americans got way more cheers. Things I noticed:

  • Laura made a really weird open-mouthed face during her walk.
  • Jasmia hit AzMarie with her coat (accident??) when she flipped it over her shoulder
  • Louise is a plus sized model but not quite as plus sized as Seymone
  • It's clearly a British vs American war!

The House

The girls checked into their awesome house with a diner, a large and beautiful pool, and 2 separate rooms for the two groups of girls. Some of the girls could not wait to dive into the pool by skinny dipping right off the bat.

The First Photo Shoot

The first shoot had the girls being paired up - 1 from each team and dressed as an iconic person from their own country. Instead of having a photographer, 3d cameras would be used to capture them jumping on trampolines.

Catherine and AzMarie were first up portraying Queen Elizabeth I and George Washington. Jay seemed to like their poses right off the bat. Candace and Annaliese were next up as Janet Jackson vs Mel B from the Spice Girls. Both girls seemed to flop at first. Laura (Madonna) posed with Alisha (Elton John), which Alisha wasn't happy with. Jay said she was doing more of a spoof than an interpretation of Elton John. These photo shoots are so odd, I don't blame the girls for being confused!

Seymone (Michelle Obama) vs Sophie (Margaret Thatcher) had Seymone jumping off her trampoline more than staying on it. Kyle (Andy Warhol) vs Louise (Amy Winehouse) brought out some weaknesses in both of them. Mariah was Pocahontas and Jasmia was John Lennon. How those two images go together I have no idea! Eboni (Jackie Kennedy) was last up against Ashley (Princess Diana) who admitted she was "bad at thinking on the spot" and couldn't bring a good pose to the shoot.

The Judging

Cycle 18 of Top Model brings a new judge to the panel, Kelly Cutrone, a fashion PR producer who has been seen on The Hills and The City. In addition there will continue to be guest judges each week. Tonight's guest judge was Kelly Osborne who I am sure you are all familiar with.

The prizes this year are many and show that they are really looking for a model that can do it all. They include: a spread in Italian Vogue, and an appearance on Vouge.IT, a guest correspondent for Extra, a Single produced and released, the face of the America's Next Top Model fragrance "Dream Come True", a modelling contract, and a $100,000 contract with Cover Girl.

Let's get to it! With 14 girls there is a lot of judging going on. Here are the highlights (and lowlights). Eboni and Ashley were judged first and did not get very good comments. The judges liked Laura's image of Madonna but weren't so happy with Alisha as Elton John. Catherine delighted the judges as Queen Elizabeth but AzMarie needed to add a little "oomph" according to Tyra. Mariah and Jasmia both did not impress the judges much.

Kyle got positive comments, however Louise's boring shot was criticized. Annaliese didn't bring any energy to her photo and Candace wasn't "Janet Jackson" enough for the photo. Finally, Nigel and Kelly loved Seymone's shot and everyone liked both her and Sophie overall. It would be a surprise if they are not the top 2. Everyone else kind of fizzled tonight.

The Results:

The girls are always called from best to worst.

  • Seymone (US) was named as best photo
  • Kyle (US)
  • Sophie (Brit)
  • Laura (US)
  • Catherine (Brit)
  • Candace (US)
  • Mariah (US)
  • AzMarie (US)
  • Eboni (US)
  • Louise (Brit)
  • Alisha (Brit)
  • Annaliese (Brit)

Jasmia and Ashley (both Brits) were left in the bottom two. Jasmia did not show "John Lennon" enough in her photo and Ashley did not bring out Princess Diana's amazing eyes. Ashley was the last name called, sending Jasmia home.

One Brit down, 6 to go! The American girls clearly stole the show this episode. Will they continue to dominate? Tune in next Wednesday - it's Makeover week! Kris Jenner will be on the show if that interest you at all!


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