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America's Next Top Model Cycle 18 - The British Are Coming!

Updated on February 29, 2012

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Cycle 18: British Invasion

America's Next Top Model premieres this Wednesday, February 29, 2012 at 9/8c on The CW. Cycle 18 of Top Model will be different than any of the previous 17 seasons because Tyra has brought in another new twist. This season, a group of contestants from Britain's Next Top Model will compete against the a group of American newbie models.

I've read some complaints about this new season, stating that it's unfair to have the British models competing for an American title. However, I think it should be pretty interesting! The British models are sure to bring different personalities and different styles of modelling that we are not used to seeing from previous seasons.

While it might be a little unfair that the British models have already had some experience in the modeling world, they are sure to be on the same playing field when it comes to Tyra's over-the-top style. Below you can learn the names of the models this season along with some of their basic features, then come back on Wednesday night to read a recap of the premiere!

American Models

  • Laura - Age 20 - Long blonde hair, 5' 10.5" - Hometown unknown
  • AzMarie - Age unknown - Barely there black hair, 5' 9.75" - From Wisconsin
  • Eboni - Age 18 - Long black hair, 5' 9" - From Washington
  • Kyle - Age 20 - Long blondish/brownish hair, 5' 10" - From Texas
  • Mariah - Age 20 - Long black hair, height unknown - From Oregon
  • Candace - Age 22 - Long black hair, 5' 9" - From New York
  • Seymone - Age 19 - Long black hair, 5' 11" - From Georgia

British Models

  • Louise - Age 24 - Short blond hair, 5' 8.5" - From London
  • Annaliese - Age 24 - Curly black hair, 5' 7" - From London
  • Catherine - Age 22 - Long red hair, 5' 9" - From Folkestone
  • Sophie - Age 21 - Short blonde/pink hair, 5' 9" - From Oxford
  • Ashley - Age 22 - Short brown hair, 5' 8" - From Scotland
  • Alisha - Age 20 - Medium black hair, height unknown - From South London
  • Jasmia - Age 24 - Long black hair, 5' 8.5" - From London

Initial Thoughts

One thing you will notice from the list above is that almost all the American models are taller than the British models. As we've seen in past seasons, height matters when it comes to modeling. Will those few inches be an advantage for the American models? On the other hand, some of the British models are older than the American models. They've had a chance to get some experience in the real world of modeling as well as having gone through their OWN tv show experience. Will this experience help them in the end? I guess we will have to wait and see!

Recaps to Come!

Keep visiting my hub and I will keep you updated each week with the happenings of each episode, starting with the season premiere on Wednesday, Feb 29 at 9/8c. Watch Survivor, then hop on over to The CW to catch Cycle 18 of America's Next Top Model!


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    • vivasuzi profile image

      vivasuzi 5 years ago from Somewhere in Michigan

      Great! Well I hope you like my recaps. I haven't done this in awhile but used to, so I hope I remember how :)

    • LindaOH profile image

      LindaOH 5 years ago from OH

      Thanks for the scoop on the new season. I'm a reality show junkie, so I'm always watching shows like this. Good review!