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Andain: Mavie Marcos - Beautiful and Multi-talented

Updated on September 1, 2012
Mavie Marcos with her long curly hair
Mavie Marcos with her long curly hair | Source

As part of the electronica duo Andain, Mavie Marcos provides her angelic vocals to heart-pumping songs like Beautiful Things and most recently, the soft hit Promises.

Andain is more popular internationally than in the U.S., but their electronica fans everywhere know and love Ms. Marcos.

Mavie Marcos is beautiful, incredibly smart, and multi-talented ...

She seems to be one of the few women in show business to wear her hair natural, with a full head of dark curly hair. Her curls drape across the rocks and sway in the wind in the Promises video. It is enough to want to make me wear my own hair naturally curly again.

Two Big Hits in Different Musical Styles

Although DJ Tiesto has produced a number of versions of Andain's hits, Marcos's performance style is quite different in Andain's two biggest hits.

While Beautiful Things has the upbeat, traditional electronica style, Promises sounds more new age than anything, proving Marcos can morph into many music styles successfully over time.

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And There's More ...

Marcos has performed in theatre productions and is a classically trained musician.

She can be seen on YouTube singing a soft rendition of Beautiful Things while playing the piano. There are no other instrumental or vocal effects in this video as most people are used to seeing in electronica.

Scientfic Background

Besides her accomplishments in Andain, Marcos has a highly scientific mind. She graduated from Wellesley College in Massachusetts in 1999 with a degree in Neuroscience.

Career in Health

After completing health education courses at Bastyr University in Washington State, Marcos also went into the fitness arena and developed nutrition and exercise programs at her own company. Marcos has since then worked as a raw food instructor and chef. Her own physique is a testament to her professional training in fitness and nutrition.

While you might only be familiar with one or two Andain songs, vocalist Mavie Marcos is right beneath the surface thinking up her next song and her next chameleon career move.

Watch Mavie Marcos Sing "Promises"


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