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Andy Griffith-A familiar whistle

Updated on August 1, 2015

The beginning!

Andy Taylor first came on the scene on the Danny Thomas show on Feb 15, 1960. Many of you reading this, don't probably, remember Danny Thomas. He was a comedian who had a top rated show centered around his family. Before he died, he raised up the St Jude's hospital which is still going strong today.

His daughter, Marlo Thomas, starred in That Girl. A late 60's comedy. She, from time to time, helps out in the St Jude fundraising and advertising. When Andy appeared in the Danny Thomas show, he arrested Danny for running a stop sign. The producers liked Andy and he was a hit. On Oct 3, 1960, The Andy Griffith show debuted on the air.

Andy Griffith!

Who doesn't remember that familiar whistle? You can catch it, just about, everyday. Sometimes, you can see it through TV marathons. The fact of the matter is-Andy Griffith is here to stay! After more than 50 yrs, we hear that familiar whistle and we see Andy and Opie going fishing through the woods. Opie throwing what seems to be a rock, while Andy, just ,casually walking by. The scenery reminding us of a peaceful getaway with no stress nor anxieties.

Barney Fife and many other characters!

Don Knotts, who starred with Andy in the movie, No time for sargeants, called his friend Andy and suggested that the show needed a deputy. The producers agreed and Barney was added to the show. To me, Barney added the humor needed and many times, I laughed at his antics. Soon, Jim Nabors came as Gomer. He went on to star in his own series as Gomer Pyle, another of my favorites.

The barber shop was Andy's hangout. There, the men would "shoot the breeze" and catch up with the latest. One episode which was funny was when Barbara Eden came to town. Barbara Eden starred in I dream of Jennie and was she ever a beauty! Floyd the barber was classic with his expressions and the men being enchanted at Barbara Eden's beauty was hilarious. (I can't remember her name in the series)

Don Knotts as Barney
Don Knotts as Barney

Andy's many challenges!

Andy was a laid back, easy going sheriff. He did face many a challenge from looking after Opie, helping Aunt Bee and getting Barney out of jams. Barney, I kind of felt sorry for, because he meant well. He wanted to do everything by the book, unfortunately, he was nothing but a bumpkin. Kudos for Andy because he covered for Barney and, in the process, made him look good! Friends like him are hard to find in this day and time.

Being Sheriff of Mayberry, presented a lot of interesting and funny incidents. Otis, the town drunk, would come to the county jail and lock himself up. Also, we had a fellow by the name of Ernest T Bass (If memory serves me right), who liked to throw bricks through windows. Andy would use talk and logic. This method, apparently, worked well among the townsfolks, but not among some federal officials, who questioned his way of doing things. Andy would, rarely, have a gun and seemed to have a "grip" on things.

Barney on the other hand, would fall to pieces. Shaking, he would be looking for that one bullet to load in his gun. Finally, who can forget Aunt Bee's cooking? A welcome dinner for any prisoner. Yes, by the look of things, Mayberry was the ideal place to live!

Andy Griffith lasted about 8 seasons. It is amazing that at the last season, the show,actually ,was rated number 1. Andy and Don Knotts(Barney) went on to star in movies and TV series, but the fact of the matter is, that show has been successful through the years. No matter how much time may pass, Andy Griffith will remain a classic in the heart of America.

What is your favorite Andy Griffith episode? Mine's was when Barney gave Gomer a ticket for making an illegal U turn. Gomer was upset and when he finds Barney doing the same, he yells-CITIZEN'S ARREST! Enclosed is that video for your enjoyment.

Citizen's arrest!

RIP Andy Griffith!

On July 2, 2012, Our beloved Andy passed away. He was 86 yrs old and died in his native state of North Carolina. I will, always, remember Andy. Think about this-- the Andy Griffith show was one of a kind. Featuring a single dad who was raising a child with the help of Aunt Bee. He was, also,a man who got around dating some nice looking ladies.

Along with Don Knotts, they became sort of a "Dynamic Duo" of comedy. Knotts was known as Deputy Fife, the man who could not shoot straight. Sadly, Don Knotts, has passed away, also. Andy Griffith had done some movies and TV. He ,even, recorded some gospel music and comedy on vinyl records.

Years would pass until he scored another big hit as Matlock, A folksy Atlanta lawyer who was good at his craft. With his Southern Charm, it is no wonder that series was a hit. Andy might have passed away, but he will always be remembered as a friendly, easy going sheriff who looked after Mayberry and did not resort to violence. His famous whistle will, hopefully, stay on TV for years to come! Maybe we need to see more comedy series like this.

Kudos for TVLAND!

Yes, Kudos to that great channel. Not too long ago, they had an all day marathon on the Andy Griffith show. This was a great tribute and I had the time of my life seeing Barney stumble all over himself. Now, if they can come up with a all day marathon on Matlock, we would be in business. Andy Griffith was one of a kind. Thanks TVLAND for honoring Andy!


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    • TheFuturist profile image


      6 years ago from United States

      I remember watching Andy Griffith re-runs when I was a child. Although they were outdated even then, I still have fond memories of that famous whistle theme song.

    • trusouldj profile image

      LaZeric Freeman 

      6 years ago from Hammond

      Nothing like it.

    • profile image

      Fay Paxton 

      7 years ago

      I enjoyed reading this hub about one of my favorite shows. I still sometimes look at the reruns and laugh just as hard as I ever did.


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