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Andy Griffith Show Memories : Episode #2 - The Manhunt

Updated on May 1, 2009

The Manhunt

Episode Number: 2 Season Number: 1

First Aired: October 10, 1960


An escaped convict has been spotted near Mayberry. The State Police come to town and ask Andy and Barney to stay out of the way. Andy is able to show the troopers that he is not the country bumpkin that the troopers think he is.

Writers: Jack Elinson, Charles Stewart

Director: Don Weis

Cast/Crew/Guest Stars

  • Andy Griffith (Andy Taylor)
  • Ron Howard (Opie Taylor)
  • Frances Bavier (Aunt Bee Taylor)
  • Don Knotts (Barney Fife)
  • Dick Elliott (Mayor Pike)
  • Cheerio Meredith (Emma Brand)
  • Norman Leavitt (Cal)
  • Ken Lynch (Captain Barker)
  • Mike Steen (Officer Morgan)
  • Lillian Culver (Mrs. Fife)
  • Frank Gerstle (Dirksen)
  • Frank Challee (Loafer)

Episode Summary

An escaped prisoner is seen near Mayberry. When the state police descend upon the town, Andy and Barney attempt to employ their common-sense based approach to law enforcement and are quickly rejected by the stuffy police captain. Convinced that as Sheriff of the town he must do something, Andy decides to patrol the back roads near town. The state police is concentrating on the main roads in and out of town. The captain orders Andy to stay off the case after Barney is surprised by the con and has his gun taken. But Andy has a plan. Knowing that the aroma of Emma Watson's baking at her house is a natural lure for any hungry wanderer, he sets a trap using his leaky fishing boat. When the State Police, arrive it appears that Andy has let the convict slip away. However, as his boat and the criminal stealing it begin to sink into the lake, the state police are able to capture their man without firing a shot. The quite wisdom of a country sheriff once again trumps the by-the-book methods of modern, big-city law enforcement.


This episode marks the first appearance of Otis and Mayor Pike in the series.

Barney's mother appears briefly in this episode. This is the only time we ever see her in the series.

This is the first episode to use "Barney's" music in it. The tune is officially referred to as "The Manhunt".

In this episode Emma Watson lives by the lake. A few episodes later (in "Ellie Comes to Town") she lives in town.


Andy: Mayberry to headquarters...Mayberry to headquarters! Captain, you might as well answer, 'cause I'm gonna keep callin' till you do!

Capt. Barker: What is it, Sheriff?

Andy: Oh, hello there, Captain! I just wanted to let you know where you can catch your criminal!

Capt. Barker: You've got him cornered?

Andy: Let's just say we've made the necessary arrangements.

Andy: I'm sorry, I done ten-foured ya! (cuts off radio, turns to Barney)

Andy: Felt good to get it in first for a change!


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