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Andy Griffith Show Memories : Episode #8 - Opie's Charity

Updated on May 2, 2009

Opie's Charity


Andy is embarrassed when he mistakenly believes Opie has donateda sum of 3 pennies to the Underpriviledged Children's Drive. Andy tries to teach Opie the value of chairty but it's Andy who learns a valuable lesson on the dangers of pride.

Episode Number: 8 Season Number: 1

First Aired: November 28, 1960

Writer: Arthur Stander

Director: Don Weis

Cast/Crew/Guest Stars

  • Andy Griffith (Andy Taylor)
  • Ron Howard (Opie Taylor)
  • Frances Bavier (Aunt Bee Taylor)
  • Stuart Erwin (Tom Silby)
  • Lurene Tuttle (Annabelle Silby)

Episode Summary

When the town do-gooder, Anabelle Silby, informs Andy that Opie contributed only three cents to a fund raising drive, Andy attempts to teach Opie the importance of giving with hilarious results. Shortly after Andy's lecture he meets Tom Silby, Anabelle's husband, on the street. Andy rushes Tom into the office out of public view. Andy then explains to Tom that as far as he and the rest of Mayberry is concerned, Tom is dead. His wife had told everyone that he was hit b a taxi in Charlottesville. Tom reveals that he wasn't killed at all, but simply got enough of Anabelle's nagging and left her. Rather than admit she lost her husband, Anabelle pretended that Tom was killed and proceeded to have a funeral. After visiting his grave, Andy convinces Tom to go home to Anabelle and patch things up. Back at home, Andy tries again to convince Opie to give more than three cents to the children's fund. When Opie refuses, stating that he is saving his money to buy his girlfriend Charlotte something, Andy gives up and send him off to his room without supper. Aunt Bee then turns the tables on Andy, lecturing him about having the same foolish pride as Anabelle Silby. Andy sees the error of his ways and decides to let the issue drop. Opie then reveals he is saving his money to buy Charlotte a coat because her family is poor and cannot buy her a new one. Andy realizes that his own pride has got the best of him. The rapport between Andy and Opie in scenes like these demonstrate that there has never been a father-son team on TV with any better chemistry.


  • The series was filmed entirely in Hollywood, at Desilu Productions on the former RKO Pictures lot. Mayberry exteriors were shot on the former Selznick International Pictures lot, later known as Forty Acres. The rural fishing hole that opened each episode was Franklin Canyon Lake, just north of Beverly Hills. Franklin Canyon was also the site of the show's Myers Lake and other outdoor locales.
  • The whistled theme song, "The Fishin' Hole" was composed by Earle Hagen (the music coordinator and famous whistler of the show) and Herbert Spencer, with unsung lyrics by Everett Sloane. Hagen also wrote the music for the series.

Memorable Dialogue

Tom: Dog gonnit, Annabelle knows I can't stand Sam Peabody. Why did she go and invite him to my funeral?

Andy: Well, I don't know that she invited him...

Tom: He had a lot of nerve, crashing my funeral.

Andy: Now Tom, you are just being silly. Now here Annabelle breaks her back to give you the finest sendoff this town has ever seen and you go pouting over details. She couldn't exactly have checked the guest list with you, you know.

Andy, humiliated after realizing how he misjudged his son, is asked by Opie what they are having for supper: "Well, you Aunt Bee are having fried chicken. I'm having crow."

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    • htodd profile image

      htodd 6 years ago from United States

      Great post,Thanks for the nice info

    • profile image

      k passafume 7 years ago

      I LOVE this episode, it taught me so much. The repeating of the show gives so much to those who choose to watch. My favorite episode is 1st season, episode #8, {I was born on October 4, 1960} I did not see this episode until I was in my 40's, and I love it. That's pretty much all I have to say. Thanks, Kathy (Eat crow) that's my motto!!!!!