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Angela Peters - Actress From Australia/ An interview

Updated on June 16, 2013
Amour, Cannes Film Festival 2012
Amour, Cannes Film Festival 2012 | Source
Angela Peters
Angela Peters | Source

An Aussie in London

Angela Peters, Grew up in Queensland Australia. Like any young woman, she had aspirations of becoming somebody; law or psychology were the closest choices for her. But as she finished her degree, she also became more and more interested in acting. Fair enough, she began to gain strong interest in the psychology of her characters; she completed a three year Advanced Diploma in Method Acting, and was accepted onto a course at the internationally-renowned École Philippe Gaulier in Paris.

A breakthrough happened in 2004. Angela landed her first photographic role, becoming one of the faces of Suncorp Metway. Her earliest movie role was being an extra in Getting' Square starring Sam Worthington (while also working as the stand in for Freya Stafford).

Finally, In 2009 Angela became the popular face of the well-known Australian television show 'Queensland's Best Living' for a season before settling in London.

With her hectic life and films, she was kind enough to make time for us. Without much ado, here is the interview.

The Interview

Suddenly, I'm listening to Xanadu, and Kylie Minogue singing 'locomotion'... and I put my car's cassette-player on. Then I hear Flash Gordon's theme.

Right in front of me, time goes back a few years 5. 4. 3. 2... I park my car, and I enter THIS place where you are posing for a picture as a little girl. Kind of annoyed yourself, because dad already scolded you for not putting a nice face to the camera. What was next... in your own words?

This happened so often. My dad did quite a bit of photography and is really talented, so he was always trying to get us to smile and take a nice shot. I pouted at lot! I would let dad take one smiley shot and then flick my hair and say "I'm done now". Not much has changed


You are finally moving to London (2010?), after working hard in Queensland. Did you take a teddy bear, a doll, or maybe some old pictures, just to keep with you THOSE 'aussie' mementos to England?
Because I had been living in London for some time prior to heading back in 2009 and doing the television show, I had already taken my most favorite possessions, and my Maton guitar, along with lots of wonderful family and friend photos. So those mementos are always close at hand.

From Law and Psychology into acting? How did that happen?

Ha ha...well the law never happened after I failed my first law subject at university (Contract Law) but the Psychology did. I honestly thought I would be a clinical Psychologist and hadn't even considered acting or drama at school. This all changed when an acting friend mentioned a wonderful school he was studying at that would be a great place to improve my singing voice. I ended up enrolling into a three year advanced diploma in method acting and the rest was history.


Were you a daddy's girl? I'm a momma's boy, by the way.

I definitely think I was... when I was little being the eldest daughter but I do like to think I love my dad and mum equally.

Can you share some moments and words that you remember from your dad or mom... that actually did change your life for good?

My parents are incredibly supportive and full of so much wisdom. They've always inspired us (three children) to follow our dreams and never doubt ourselves.

With that kind of support who could fail. I had a particularly special moment in 2006 when I approached my parents with the decision to move to London to continue my pursuit to be a full time working actor.

They simply said to me to go for it and that they would always support me as long as I was happy.

My mum said how wonderful it is that we have the opportunities available to us in this day and age, not previously accessible to them in their generation. I had a house full of love growing up.

Her Demo Reel

Have you ever heard of Angela Peters?

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How do you see Hollywood in your own perspective?

I honestly think Hollywood is an incredible machine. It's a vehicle to both success and failure but it doesn't need to define a person. Some of the most talented actors of our generation don't follow the cliché that they have to move to Hollywood as soon as they've made it.

I honestly think "Hollywood" in a metaphorical sense is a personal journey for every industry person and one that needs to be considered carefully. Hollywood will always be that special tinsel town of acting to me and I am very keen to work there at some point.

Have you ever met Nicole Kidman?

Ha! Not yet.

This is always a cliché question: Is love in the air... for you?

Ooh a lady never reveals. I'll let you know when I am married.

Very smart! What, or how do you prepare yourself for a challenging characterization?

With an extensive amount of research and preparation for that particular character. Years of training taught me that its pretty rare to make those magic screen moments happen without work, be that training, voice lessons, improve classes, dancing, horse riding, rock name it, we learn it.

I can imagine or sense your voice for Singapore Airlines? How did they get hold of you?

This particular job was via my voice over agent. On the day I was in the studio the client came up to me and said they had a hard time finding "really Aussie voices in London and that I still sounded very Australian". I beamed with pride when they told me that.

Wonderfully said! How do you keep in such a good shape? What's the price to stay fit?

Thanks! I think it's partly luck in that I am blessed with a fast metabolism and partly that I love high intensity exercise. I run three times a week, I go to Bikram yoga and I love rock climbing so I'm pretty active. And also I eat a lot, I just try to have a balanced diet...everything in moderation.

Wow, that was pretty revealing! Any actor or actress that really influenced your career?

I was blown away by Naomi Watts' performance in 21 Grams and I remember that at the exact moment the movie finished I said to myself, I will work really hard and become as good as she is. I also love Al Pacino and Robert De Niro and was delighted and inspired watching them on screen together in "Heat" all those years ago.

You really remind me of a sophisticated, huh, sort of a "wonder woman" or "la femme nikita." Any invitation from Eastern Producers or directors?

Not yet but I would give anything to play a role like either of those! Wonder Woman is my favourite superhero. I even own the dress up costume for parties.

Tell us about your latest project, "A Marble Finish." And how was working on "FEAR"?

A Marble Finish was a really fun shoot. I had been approached by the writer/actor David Stock in 2012 about working together and when he sent me a script he had me in mind for I said yes immediately.

It was a really clever little idea - but I don't want to give anything away! Fear would have to be one of my most challenging female roles I have worked on of late and one I was quite nervous about. My character was quite complex and I really wanted to find my way of portraying her nuances and journey without over complicating things or "over-acting".

I do hope I succeeded. I absolutely loved working on this film, most especially because I adore the way Omer Kula [director] works. He is an actor's director and he was very clear about what he wanted to achieve visually which helped me along that journey.

How B.A.B.E. or where did you get this catchy title for your 'Babelicious' blog?

This was a very random process of me being on a train one day brainstorming "what do I call a blog about being positive in an industry filled with dizzying highs, lows, self doubt, rejection and adulation". I just played with lots of combinations until BABE popped into my head. I also like the idea that all my readers are babe's. Because they are!

Thanks Angela. Now America knows a little better from you.

Thanks so much for this opportunity, Joseph. Really delighted to be interviewed by you.


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