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Angelina Ballerina, Cartoon for Kids

Updated on October 17, 2013

A Great Show!

For a long time the canadian show Max and Ruby (based on books by Rosemary Wells) was my daughters favorite show, but recently we watched Angelina Ballerina , shown on PBS here in the United States. What a great show!Angelina Ballerina is a british cartoon for ages 3 to 8, and is based on books by Katherine Holabird and illustrated by Helen Craig. Angelina is a dance-obsessed mouse who goes on many humorous escapades while teaching about positive values. The cartoon is directed by Doris Doi, with the voice of Angelina done by Charlotte Spencer (starting in 2009). Academy Award Winner Judi Dench plays the voice for another interesting character, Miss Lilly. I say she's interesting because in one of the episodes, she wore some sort of green curtains. She must be quite a character if she wears things like that.There must be something about animal characters that really appeal to children because Max and Ruby is about bunnies while everyone in Angelina Ballerina are mice.

Why its good

These shows have great subliminal life skill messages. Instead of learning about letters and numbers like in Dora the Explorer , children are taught all kinds of different things. In one of the episodes of Angelina Ballerina , we learn about shyness and how to make friends. In another, we are taught about jealousy and how lies are bad. While teaching children these things, the stories remain interesting for them, so they aren't even aware that there is any learning. Sometimes this will work better for kids than the up front method.

A little extra

Angelina Ballerina also has a part called "Little Stars". This is interesting to kids too, but appeals more to kids who enjoy dancing. My daughter watches this with adoring eyes all agog because she absolutely loves ballet dancing. This little section of the show is real live-action and teaches about all kinds of dance movements. It is great for them so see kids their age, being active. I think this will motivate children just a little more, to be more imaginative and energetic.

The Best Kids Shows

It seems as though the Canadian shows (Little Bear is a good one too), and British shows (don't forget Thomas the Train ), are much better children shows than the typical American ones. Although Mickey Mouse Playhouse and the Fresh Beat Band are great, these other shows have something special that I can't quite figure out. It may be the many different animals used (or trains), instead of the typical American (or Mexican) person. The characters are easier for kids to relate to, and the voices are softer and calmer than the average American shows. This in turn creates a calm atmosphere,free of stress. This could make it easier for children to sit still and focus. Even an extremely active 18 month old calms down when she sees Angelina Ballerina on the television. Enjoy this amazing childrens show.


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    • erinb62 profile image

      Erin Buttermore 6 years ago from Laconia

      Thank you for your thoughts. I haven't done much research for this though, it's really just my observation. We actually live in a small town, I think just some kids are more active than others, but I'm sure it is a lot harder in the city.

    • DrumsAcousticMuse profile image

      Jesse Broman 6 years ago from Los Angeles

      its interesting that the calmness of the of the voices has an effect on the children's attention span. I have been substitute teaching with kids of all ages recently, and in several different school districts (lansing and surrounding area), and i've found that in general, inner city kids also tend to have shorter attention spans than those who live in small towns... perhaps it is because there is so much more advertising and distractions in the city.

      Thought provoking hub- voting up and useful