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Anime Crossovers That We'd Love to See

Updated on January 4, 2015
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Nigel, AKA Bubblegum Senpai was voted most likely to die due to accident involving a cuddle pillow. Haruhi Suzumiya for Life.

The Crossover Effect

In the Western world, crossovers are a frequent occurrence in comics, television, and more. One notable crossover for example is Freddy vs Jason, where famed slasher villains Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees meet. Crossovers occasionally happen in Anime as well, though usually from unlicensed sources, such as independent fan works - known as doujinshin - sold at conventions.

In a crossover, the cast of one series meets the cast of another series - usually in one of the two series locations, but sometimes happens at both locations or in a completely different location altogether. The storyline is designed to explain why group from one series in visiting another, and how the either must work together - or against each other - to achieve a goal of some sort.

Notable anime crossovers include Detective Conan vs Lupin III and in video games Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright.

Ah, the crossover special. Every fanboy/girl's fantasy. Every fanfic writer has at least several of these in their collection. Every Fanfic reader has read thousands. Fans spend a lot of time dreaming about the "what-ifs." Every possible ship that could sail - relationship, that is of course. But it's not always about "Shipping." A good crossover is (sometime barely) still about a good story. How and why would they meet? Who would be the villain? What would be the storyline?

Now, I'm not a fanfic writer, just a lover of anime. But I have some ideas. Most of you have had ideas. Here is a list of anime crossovers with logical potential based on plot. For your convenience (yes, especially yours), I will use the English title for the series.

The Devil is a Part-Timer/ I Couldn't Become a Hero, so I Reluctantly Decided to get a Job

What Show A is About: In The Devil is a Part-Timer, the demon lord is nearly defeated in an epic battle and creates a giant portal to flee. He ends up in modern day Japan. He gets a job at a local fast-food restaurant and starts working his way up the corporate ladder, only to find that the hero who nearly defeated him followed him through the portal. After reluctantly being forced to work together to survive in this strange land, the lines that determined good and evil become blurred and neither of them knows who is really on the side of good or bad as conspiracy unfolds in the old world.

What Show B is About:
In I Couldn't Become a Hero, Academies train heroes for the sole purpose of eventually defeating the Demon Lord. Once the Demon Lord is actually defeated though, All the heroes become unemployed and the training program is cancelled. A would-be Hero named Raul takes a job at an appliance shop. Several years later, a young girl is hired at the store and put under his care - The daughter of the former Demon Lord. Again, lines become blurred between good and evil as Both former heroes and demons conspire with each other for a certain goal.

Licensed in North America under Sentai Filmworks.
Licensed in North America under Sentai Filmworks. | Source

Why This Should Happen:This, like most of the series on this list, make sense because they share very similar plots, with small differences. Both are about people from fantasy worlds being forced to take on ordinary jobs, the balance between good and evil, and where does "good" end and "evil" begin? And more importantly, who decides?

How it Could Happen: A few ways, though both kind of campy. Either it turns out that I Couldn't Become A Hero takes place on Ente Isla (The world where The Demon Lord and the Hero from The Devil is a Part-Timer is from) but in a different time, or Fino, the daughter of the Demon Lord somehow opens a portal transporting her and Raul to Japan. I prefer the first way, myself. Emi and Maou travel back to Ente Isla and they and their allies team with Raul and Fino to find a way to stop the conspiracy that would label Emi a traitor and re-instate Fino as a new and unwilling Demon Lord.

Possible Ships: Not really any good crossover-specific ships. Emi and Raul could make a good couple, but I still prefer Raul and Fino. Emi could be shipped with Assistant Manager Visor, possibly... Since Maou and Chiho just seem too cute together (despite the unusual age difference). Other than that, the "canon" ships are generally preferred in this series.

Would I watch it? Yes.

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Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions, Collector's Edition
Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions, Collector's Edition

The complete set of Love, Chunibyo, and Other Delusions, with bonus material for collectors.


Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya/Love, Chunibyo and Other Delusions

What Show A is About: In Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Haruhi is - for all intents and purposes - God. She just doesn't know it. Nor does she know that she actually lives in a world of "aliens, time travellers, and espers," though she wants it to be true. Oh, and when she gets upset, she could nearly destroy the whole world.

What Show B is About: Love, Chunibyo and Other Delusions is about a girl who can't accept reality and substitutes it with one of her own. One where she has superpowers, is cursed by a spell, and is a disciple of "the Dark Flame Master."

Why This Should Happen: What happens when a girl who can make her imagination a reality, but doesn't know it collides with a girl who can't tell the difference between her imagination and reality? I'd imagine a lot would happen. Again, side by side, there are a lot of similarities. Haruhi and Rikka actually have a lot in common. The major difference though is that Haruhi wishes for the world Rikka imagines, but knows that it isn't possible and accepts it. (Her wishes make that world possible though, despite the fact Haruhi firmly believes it doesn't), wheras Rikka - to a similar extent - believes and knows the world is normal, but continues to live in her imaginary world because her imaginary world is more fun.

The male protagonist and narrator in the respective series is just an ordinary high schooler who wants to live a normal life, but because of their involvement with Haruhi or Rikka, simply cannot.

Kyon from "Melancholy" and Yuta from "Chunibyo." Handling their respective co-stars can be quite the handful. Could they work together to handle two?
Kyon from "Melancholy" and Yuta from "Chunibyo." Handling their respective co-stars can be quite the handful. Could they work together to handle two? | Source

How it Could Happen: The most likely scenario is the ever popular anime trope - the class trip! It's established that Haruhi drags her SOS Brigade onto a class trip at every possible opportunity. It would be no surprise that Rikka may want to have a class trip as well with her Far Eastern Magic Nap Society.

Of course, look for Koizumi's associates in "The Organization" to help try to keep things as calculated as possible. Possible plots involve Rikku seeing Haruhi as some sort of rival and strange things occurring to the Far Eastern Magic Nap Club as Haruhi's frustation mounts. Remember - Haruhi does not actually believe in the paranormal, But her and Rikku share a desire that the paranormal exist. Expect a rivalry to culminate with a contest, where the losing side becomes another branch at their school for the winning club (of course, something would happen to prevent a proper final outcome).

Also expect a possible cameo from "Society Advocating Maidenly Elegance For All Girls” For extra laughter and Chunibyo references.

This show *could* be a possibility. Despite moving to a new talent agency in 2012, she is pegged to return as the voice of Haruhi in the alternate-timeline series "The Disappearance of Yuki Nagato," despite rumors she would never voice Haruhi again after changing agencies.

Possible Ships: Rikka is already claimed by Yuuta in the canon world, but I am very interested in seeing how Nagato gets along with Yuuta, and Rikka with Koizumi, who clearly already knows about her case of "Eighth Grade Sickness." Expect some of these things to play into Haruhi's frustrations.

Would I Watch it: Oh, God yes. er... I mean Haruhi, yes.

Composite Screenshot image of Yuno Gasai and Shiro, from "Future Diaries" and "Deadman Wonderland."
Composite Screenshot image of Yuno Gasai and Shiro, from "Future Diaries" and "Deadman Wonderland."

Deadman Wonderland/ Future Diaries

What Show A is About: In Deadman Wonderland, criminals of the most heinous crimes are sent to a prison in the heart of where Tokyo used to be (obviously in the future) to perform in deadly obstacle courses for the amusement of spectators. A select few - with the hidden ability to control their blood and use it as a weapon - are forced to compete against each other in fights organised by a wealthy gambling ring.

What Show B is About: In Future Diaries, 13 people are selected as holders of diaries that tell them their future, which can change based on what they do with the knowledge in their diaries. They are forced to use these to find and kill one another until only one person remains. As an incentive, the winner is offered godhood. As an additional incentive, if a winner is not selected before a certain time, the world will fall apart as the current deity they are competing to replace is dying.

Why This Should Happen: I know everyone wants Yuno vs Lucy (of Elfin Lied) to have a showdown, but there really isn't a plausible crossover scenario for that. Shiro from Deadman Wonderland however...

Could you imagine a world where the deadliest of people were sent to a prison amusement park? Not the prisoner's amusement, of course. But the amusement of visitors.

A common theme among horror anime is the idea of teenagers being forced to kill each other in some kind of contest, for whatever reason. Deadman Wonderland and Future Diaries are two such anime that follow this formula. In Manga, also see "Judge" and "Kingdom Game." What would happen if in one of the world's, the future diary game were played among residents of Deadman wonderland, using cast members from both?

How This Could Happen: It's a bit of a cop-out, but the multiple worlds of Future Diaries make it plausible for an alternate world where the participants of the future diary game are in or at Wonderland - the prison from Deadman Wonderland. Of course, not all the diary holders would be Deadman. But it would give us an opportunity to see a yandere showdown of epic proportions.

Possible Ships: It would be more interesting if Shiro and Yuno Gasai share a love interest/childhood friend. That would make the final showdown between them that much more intense. Since personality wise, Yuukiteru (Future Diaries) and Ganta (Deadman Wonderland) are very similar people, it would seem to make sense that only one of them is in this series. I would recommend Yuuki, since there is a special reason why Yuno has affections for him, and have him take Ganta's place by making him Shiro's childhood friend in this series.

Would I Watch This: Do yandere's spill blood? I have a yandere obsession, of course I would.

Sailor Moon/ Dragon Ball Z

What Show A is About: In Sailor Moon, Usagi is given the power to transform into Sailor Moon, along with other members of the Sailor Scouts, and they fight crime and unusual creatures trying to take over the world.

What Show B is About: In Dragon Ball Z, warriors train themselves to become all powerful, fight a lot, have ridiculously long monologues mid-battle, and cause explosions that would make Micheal Bay feel inadequate.

Why it Should Happen: It probably shouldn't. A google image search for crossovers of this series should always be done with safe search turned on in a public setting. Because if the internet has a say, any attempt to unite these series is almost certainly for adults only.

How it Would Happen: Poorly. But it would be for adults so who cares?

Possible Ships: Everyone with Everyone

Would I Watch it? Maybe... in the privacy of my own bedroom I might.

Input time!

What Crossover Would You Like to See?

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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Here's a crossover that would kick ass; BLEACH and Naruto Shippuden.

      As well as Fairy Tail and BLEACH


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