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Horror, Gore, Mystery.... What could make a better anime?

Updated on May 27, 2016

Whether you like gore, thriller, or the occult, or just something so terrible it is horrifying, I can help you out! Let's get cracking on our list! All of these are available on most anime sites but I would most recommend the site theanimeplace

1. Corpse Party: Tortured Souls

Corpse Party: Tortured Souls Trailer

Corpse Party: Tortured Souls

Corpse Party: Tortured Souls (Bougyakusareta Tamashii no Jukyou) 4 episodes long.

I am sure many people have heard of this, whether it is by means of the game, watching Pewdiepie or whatever you guys do, let me open this one by saying if the game is all you know, the anime is very different.

Corpse Party: Tortured Souls has accumulated a total score of 7.30 on My Anime List, which in my opinion is not high enough. In terms of what I would want from horror as a whole, I would give this anime a 9/10. I don't think it was missing much and the story line is my kind of thing. The artwork is beautiful and explicit when it needs to be, also very creepy where needed. Nice soundtrack, pretty good characters, amazing setting and a great story, I got all I could want from this anime.

Now, time for an Antihero summary: If you do not like gore, you may as well stop here. This anime is jam packed with gore, blood, bodies, and downright disturbing themes. The story revolves around a mysterious school called Heavenly Host Elementary School, a school that was destroyed following deaths and dissappeances. Now it attracts that of the occult and the supernatural, and also those of misfortune...

Prepare to fall in love with these characters, be scared by one or two, listen just prepare for heartache. This is probably one of my favorite animes, even though it is short. This anime is 17+ for good reason. Explicit violence, swearing and profanity, be prepared for what I think are the ingredients for an awesome anime! This anime is only available in subbed but can be found on theanimeplace

2. Elfen Lied

Elfen Lied Trailer (Dub)

Elfen Lied

If anyone reading this has seen Elfen Lied some of you may think this isn't really a horror, but hey I count stuff with gore as horror.

Elfen Lied has accumulated a score of 7.97 on MyAnimeList, and with 13 nail-biting episodes this is well deserved. True this anime is only an R+ due to the nudity, and some profanity, but I believe the gore in this is A-class. Blood flows more than water when Lucy, or 'Nyuu' is around.

Antihero Summary: What if your worst nightmare came to life? Well, it would probably be slaughtered by the Diclonius, a race chosen by God that possess a sixth sense and adorn horns on their heads. A secret organisation works to keep this race under wraps and learn more about them, that is until a boy called Kouta is pulled into the secrets hidden from the public by one of these hidden 'monsters'. After meeting a Diclonius called Nyuu, an innocent and unsuspecting girl Kouta found one night on the beach, he is pulled into their secrets and must do all in his power to protect what he loves, and learn the truth...

Sounded epic, right? Right!??? Ok I'm not the greatest at these things, but this anime is a little wacky in the sense it is hard to track. Still I personally would rate this 8/10. This anime has pretty well-developed characters, great artwork, an unbelievable soundtrack, a plot that albeit is sometimes hard to follow but is pretty damn good. If you like puppies, I would say don't watch this. I like puppies and I cried. Approach this anime with caution, it is more traumatizing than the rating makes it out to be, but in a good way...? Maybe...

This anime is available in subbed and dubbed (the dubbed voice acting is ok I think) and can be found on the site I have listed below, theanimeplace. Be warned, there are one or two characters that are so shallow you WILL want to choke them.

3. Pupa

Pupa trailer


Pupa is an anime with 12 episodes, each 4 minutes long, and yes it is an anime I consider horrifyingly bad. It has gore, don't get me wrong, but in terms of 'horror' this anime is leaning towards both cannibalism and incest (yes, to me incest is horror). Pupa is a 17+ due to violence (nice way to put it) and profanity.

This anime has received an overall score of 3.96 on My Anime List. Personally I would give it 3/10. If you've seen it you may ask if I have fallen into madness but I like gore, psychoticness (it's a word now) and weird stuff. Also I like something to criticize. It isn't god awful but it does have plot holes, unanswered questions, undeveloped characters, strange art at times, terrible ending.... Why am I defending this? Onto the summary before I dig a hole to China.

Antihero Summary: Red butterfly. OOOONNNNIIIIIII-CHHHHAAAAANNNN!!!!! Teddy Bears. That could summarize the whole thing because the plot and even what is going on is so impossible to track. Whatever makes sense in this anime is soon abandoned and left when you think it will turn the whole thing around. And science? Pffft, Pupa don't care about that! I can't even summarize this, just watch, read the Youtube comments and reviews and have fun criticizing!

In this anime's defense, it has pretty good artwork, except that the backgrounds look kind of lazy to me. Story line, watching my cat for the day gives me a better story line so what can I say? I can't rate this, I'm sorry!

This isn't on animeplace from what I can tell, I watched it on Youtube. All these episodes put together take about 37 minutes to watch so you may as well do it. It's only subbed and I doubt anyone will voice act for a dub. For some reason this anime was strangely compelling to me.

4. Shiki

Shiki Trailer


Where to start with Shiki? This felt like the perfect anime for me and taught me that good things DO come to those who wait (or...things filled with gore and violence. Like I said, good things). This anime has accumulated a well deserved score of 8.08 on MyAnimeList and if anything I believe it deserves more. Shiki has 22 episodes of pure build up that leads to an explosion of action and blanket-gripping as you watch horror struck and question humanity.

Yes, a lot of people have watched Shiki, but for crying out loud if you haven't then go do it right now! Shiki is a 17+ and for good reason too because you will be traumatized. I know it says violence and profanity but if I were in charge of these things it would say 'AGGGGHHHH' because that is the only noise you will be able to make once things kick off. But God do these characters have some cool hair! Makes Yu-Gi-Oh look like a noob when it comes to hairstyles.

Antihero Summary: Shiki is set in a secluded little village that felt disturbingly like where I live, but moving on. Meet Megumi, our first character on the catwalk of fab hair and a bad attitude whose dream is to exit her backward little village and go to the city (ugh). Don't worry, because people start going missing! And once they are found, they fall mysteriously ill, dying shortly after. It doesn't take long for this to turn into an epidemic fought by a doctor determined to do anything, Toshio, and a monk with high morals, Seishin. Trust me, they don't sound like this but these two characters shape the whole thing. There are so many players in this game, trying to solve the epidemic before it destroys their whole village. But is it natural, or something beyond that? And how is the strange house on the hill linked with these disappearances...?

Yeah this one was even worse than Elfen Lied, but I'm no reviewer, I'm just a girl that loves gore. Story line of this was excellent and developed nicely but it read more like a book than it looked like an anime, if that makes sense. As in I think reading the manga would be better as it builds up slowly. Still this anime is one of my favorites and I'm gonna be all IGN on this and give it a 9.5/10. The art is awesome, awesome hair, awesome scenery... Characters are so cool and deep but don't get too attached. This anime deals with dark sides and monsters, in a strange sense. This anime had me questioning what real monsters look like, basically morals, morals, morals.

Shiki is available in subbed and dubbed (again the voice acting in dubbed is pretty good) and can be found on animeplace. Prepare yourselves for Natsuno!

5. Another

Another Trailer


This is one of the first anime I watched so yes I have a soft spot for it, but jeez it made me scared of elevators and umbrellas! Anyway I would call Another more thriller, psychological, mystery kind of thing rather than horror but there is gore and horrible representatives of the human race thrown in there. Another has an overall rating of 7.98 on MyAnimeList and has a total of 12 episodes. Again this is another anime that has a lot of build up but it is easier to endure than Shiki and has gore in abundance.

Another is a 17+ due to the infamous violence and profanity, but I think I would just put down 'gore' and 'may incite phobia of household objects'.This anime dips into the supernatural side of things as most of the others that I have listed do, but this is more of a focused thing, a curse as oppose to a widespread thing affecting a large group. My initial thought on this was that this was just an anime about a sick kid, because Sakakibara does look kind of sick, and Yuuya looks even worse, but it really isn't.

I would rate this anime 8/10, but mostly because the only downfall was that this curse didn't make too much sense to me, other than that it was awesome. If you can follow it then I would say anyone could easily rate it higher.

Antihero Summary: Sakikabara is a transfer student to a new school and joins the infamous Class 3-3 in the middle of the year, unaware of the supposed curse on this class... Here he meets a mysterious girl, Mei, who wears an eye patch and spends her free time hanging around creepy dolls... If this wasn't enough to make him curious, it appears the other students do not acknowledge her existence. This isn't just a normal teenage pecking order, something strange is at work, and Sakikabara is about to find out the hard way.

My summaries will get better one day, I swear. The art in this is pretty good, I didn't really crush on any of the characters like I do in every other anime I watch but y'know...whatever *grumbles*. The scenery could change from beautiful to creepy though so that had me transfixed. At times the plot left me behind but I would soon enough catch up to it again, apart of course from the curse.... This anime reminds me very much of Final Destination, just in the sense of the way the deaths are and how the curse works... I'm scared of umbrellas now though so if you don't want that fear, don't watch this.

Another is available in subbed and dubbed (dub is good) and can be found on animeplace. I would recommend not watching late at night or while creepy dolls are around.

6. Apocalypse Zero

Apocalypse Zero Trailer

Apocalypse Zero

Have you watched a lot of good anime lately? Do you want something amazing to watch? Well look no further than anything other than Apocalypse Zero! Watch this and even Boku no Pico and Pupa will seem like 5 star anime! If you haven't yet seen someone review this on Youtube, film your reaction so we can all laugh at you.

I don't even know what I watched to this day, I mean... Why does it exist? It is on here for the fact it is horrifically bad. Yet somehow this accumulated a total score of 4.48 on MyAnimeList, less than Pupa, which I would watch again before being forced to watch AZ again. Age rating is R+ due to 'mild nudity' (if you have seen Apocalypse Zero and that doesn't give you a laugh, nothing will) but there are only 2 episodes to endure! Unfortunately they manage to extend to 38 minutes yet, and I don't recall any opening or ending song. I can't categorize this into any kind of theme apart from weird, sick and outright trippy. It will somehow sicken and bore you at the same time, which I did not know was possible. This one aired before I was born, yet it appears even back then no one had sense.

I would rate this anime Apocalypse Zero/10 because it is god damn awful, confusing, filled with shallow characters and grossness that is uncalled for. I do spend some time wondering if this anime is meant to be satire. You would hope so, otherwise someone has a weird sense of quality.

Antihero Summary: What did I watch? What is happening? Who is this? What...? Oh of course they can do that. You know what? F*** logic. Trying to obey the laws of logic isn't possible so let's just shove that out of our heads. Set god knows when in what I think is a destroyed Japan, there's these suits and a cruel looking father, some guys sister that I don't think actually is... Well whatever. If you have seen this, you will understand why I can't explain it. If you haven't, maybe my summary is so atrocious that you will spare your eyes the pain and stay away from it.

Artwork is gross. Story line is non-existent. Characters are either 2D or gross. Music is probably the best thing in it and this isn't an anime you watch for the music. I just need to find something to compliment, and I somehow achieved it. Also watching people review this anime is entertaining.

This anime is only in subbed. Why would you dub it? At least I couldn't find the dub. And I don't think it is on animeplace, and if it is my laptop refused to let me find it easily. Man, there were so many signs. If you like nipple-masks, this is the anime for you!

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That's It!

Ok maybe 6 is a weird number of suggestions, but everyone does 5 and I'm hipster. Ok no, I'm not. Anyway this is the first time I've done anything like this so sorry if it is terrible! I didn't want this to be a GO WATCH THIS! Kind of thing. Hey I want suggestions down at the bottom! Think of this as a conversation starter. Suggest me some horror anime I missed out on, tell me what you thought of these anime, or just tab out, whatever. Peace out! x

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