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Anime and Its Stigma

Updated on September 23, 2017
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I am new to this but, I will write what feels right to me. Please feel free to leave me any tips to help better myself and work. Thanks!!

Seriously, it's acceptable

It's more than just anime

For the few decades that anime has graced the american culture with its vibrant and expressive style of exposure, it has created its on niche of genre within a genre. Anime continues to display itself as an unique art style that carries its own, against even the best of art styles that have been created centuries ago. Regardless of its own history, anime continues to be seen as something unsightly. There is a stigma associated with anime, a stigma that showcases a perverse unhealthy medium of entertainment. Without due process anime has been slandered to a degree of unwanted interaction. Like all mediums of art, anime must be viewed through eyes unfiltered to truly gauge the level of depth that is planted within. By truly seeing anime in all its forms its worth can be measured. By no means can one say that anime is without its own unnatural creations but, like with everything in the world there are those who create for their own perverse reasons. Even those types of creations can be seen as a form of expression.

Perceptions are ok

Anime has been warming up to the entire population by way of main stream media and the internet. Like a double edge sword main stream media and the internet have given its own thoughts and opinion about anime, some good and some bad. These opinions are then shared nationwide (worldwide) and become a melting pot of mixed emotions towards what can be seen as art, entertainment, and expression. One anime can be perceived three different ways by three different people. There is nothing wrong with this and everyone can have their own opinion based off their perceptions but, the issue lies in what comes with those opinions. The issue comes in form of a stigma that labels those whose perception of anime is seen in a good light. Those who enjoy it are looked upon in a strange way. The boy in class is now the boy who watches anime. The female co-worker is now the lady with a weird hobby. The old man is now a pervert. Discrimination comes in all shapes and sizes no matter the intensity level.

Final Thoughts

The article was written to point out that anime is acceptable and it is entertainment, it is art, it is a form self expression. It can be used to help further ones own beliefs and interest or be used as fuel to ignite someones passions and ambitions. Point is anime is what people make it but until they sit down and truly see it for what it is, they will forever be at the mercy of someone else's opinions and judgments.


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    • AlexisG profile image

      Alexis 4 months ago

      Anime has become very 'mainstream'. When I was in high school, the stigma of it was barely present (we're talking the early 00s) versus in the late 90s when I was in middle school and it was frowned upon (think Pokemon craze). Nowadays most people have watched it in some forms, even people you wouldn't expect.

    • Coffeequeeen profile image

      Louise Powles 4 months ago from Norfolk, England

      I've not really watched much Anime, but know it's very popular. I'd seen the odd show on TV when it's been on and it looks interesting and fun.