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Anjali - Tamil Actress Angaadi Theru Fame - Hot Pics

Updated on January 9, 2011

Angaadi Theru Actress Anjali Hot Pics

Here we have one more instance of an actress turning to glamour to survive in the south Indian film industry. Anjali, who is under the limelight now for her performance in the hit movie Angadi Theru is going all the way to make sure she has a few movies under her kitty asap.

Anjali was born in Maharashtra and started her film career in Telugu in 2006. As she failed to have any hit movies , she couldn't stand out from the huge crowd of upcoming actresses. So she tried her luck in Tamil . In 2007, she acted in the Tamil movie Kattradhu Tamizh. Although it was not a commercial hit, Anjali was instantly noticed for her role of a homely girl. She even got an award for the best debut actress that year.

But even then , she couldn't establish herself. In between she did a few movies and tried being glamorous. And then came Angadi Theru in 2010. She played the character of an innocent sales girl in a textile showroom struggling to make both ends meet. The movie became an instant hit among the masses and Anjali became a household name, more so in the name Kani, her character in the movie.

Now that she has got noticed, Anjali is leaving no stones unturned. She has a number of projects in the offing including the Malayalam movie Payyans. And she has no hesitation whatsoever to go glamorous, if that is what is needed for success. But a lot of her fans like to see her as the innocent girl in Angadi theru. This gallery will please both type of fans, we hope!


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    • Hashim Ahmed K profile image

      Hashim Ahmed K 4 years ago

      anjaliyude chuvappu brayonnu azhikkaan thonnunnu.ennittu avalude breast milk chappi kudikkanam

    • profile image

      shajeesh 5 years ago

      she is very cute

    • profile image

      you 5 years ago

      her breast is so cute.her lips is so attractive really you are sexyyyyyy hoty really i want to kiss

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      sasi 6 years ago


    • profile image

      mithra kurian 6 years ago

      cute anjali

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      kumar 6 years ago