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Another One Just For Laughs

Updated on January 2, 2010



From gentleman to genetilia man,

from woman to "Woe!! man" check her out,"

from well endowed to cold water shrinkage,

...skinny dipping is not all

it's cracked up to be, ...pun intended,

but you never see fat folks running naked,

across any beach ever poured

it's hard to jiggle and jounce 100 yards

to the cover of an ocean.

What happens in one's bathing trunks

should stay in one's bathing trunks...

but hey sometimes the mood strikes

to shed all of life's worldly trappings,

yet the eternal question arises,

"How does one rub sun lotion on

one's privates without

looking like a pervo???."

I once went to entertain

as a comedian at a pool party

in a huge, hedged back yard


where everyone was nude,

and they were all eating spare ribs,

I asked them.....


"Where the hell do you wipe your hands?"

I've done my share of skinny dipping,

not too shy about my ying, my yang

nor the ding dong above them,

Can't skinnydip when your old though

your butt gets a SAG card

and it just doesn't act the same

in those quick steps across a crowded pool deck.

but I cherish those "Show us the monkey days,"

and realize that we get far too hung up on nudity,

we come into the world naked,


and we leave it the same way,

on a cold morgue slab, till we're all dressed up

for our final plunge, our last skinnydip

into mother earth's dampness.


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