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How to Make Comments or a Statement with a couple of Photos

Updated on January 15, 2013

About Time I Gave you Some More of My Photos

Well quite a few months have rolled around since January when I gave you the Lion Dance. So let me see if I can show you some of the various photos that I have taken, some from way back when,  now digitised. (I may do a Hub on that one day as well). Some more modeern and some even altered, and distorted, by various methods.

Hope that you enjoy them!

The Light of Life - Carols by Candle Light

This was taken some 30 years ago, no flash, hand held with an exposure of 3 seconds, 200 ASA film.
This was taken some 30 years ago, no flash, hand held with an exposure of 3 seconds, 200 ASA film.

General Notes

This a reflection of some 50 odd years, some old photos, that bring back memories. Maybe a bit of humour in relating some of the coal that under heat and pressure turned into diamonds.

Many of my older images were lost, but I do have a few that I will be sharing with you, maybe a recipe or some health and exercise tips, from way, way back.

At the end of this Hub, pass the desired comments or better still write a hub of your own. Thus we/you could then link back and forth to and fro, creating a tapestry of Life as it was then, is now and what are the apirations for the future. Therefore it would be not only in your country and even state, but in every other state and countries. Maybe just maybe we would then have a better personal understanding about each other, we we came from and possible where we are going to.

Then and only then




The lyrics of Eric Burden and the Animals song "San Franciscan Nights" come to mind.

"Save up all your bread and fly San Franciscan Air, if not for the sake of this song, but your whole peace of mind."

Was another interpretation.

And yet the final word was put in by the late John Lennon in "IMAGINE"

The world today in itself has shrunk to a screen and a keyboard, and we rely an our friend Wiki to inform us about when were what and how. Let us rather ask our Cyber friends there experiences and explain there daily lives to us.

Trimmings after a Chicken Salad for 14 people was made

An  isolated image out of series, sometimes gives you the wrong impression!
An isolated image out of series, sometimes gives you the wrong impression!

Yes it does look a bit confusing as we only see a part of the picture, what you did not see was how it got to this stage and what happened next.

We started off with three whole roast chickens.

They were stripped of most of the meat, The skin and bones all went into a pot, Where they where boiled with some herbs, water and vegetable peelings.

Once the scraggly bits of meat started to fall off the carcasses, the liquid wass poured throug a strainer into a large measuring bowl to cool down.

The rest of the meat was separated off the bones and placed into a separate bowl.

Now two things could happen, the first being that you could have given it to your dogs, cats as a treat with their normal food,

Or as I discovered the liquid left behind had  started to cool down and was lest in the fridge overnight, had jellyfied. So I skimmed the chicken fat off the top of jug, added that to the pets food.

Dissolved the liquid so that it was fairly loose and filled an ice tray to make my chicken stock.

Then I added the chicken to the balance of the stock and put that into a bollw and popped it into the fridge,

Low and behold, Chicken Brawn. The next time that I make it I will reduce the amount of water I used to cook up the carcasses. I can always add water to the stock that I wont to freeze.

So to test it out for flavour and usability a couple of days later I made myself some Chinese noodle and chicken brawn.

The final Test

Chicken Brawn
Chicken Brawn

A mixture of dried South AfricanTreats

I will give you sample of what you could expect if you come to these shores!
I will give you sample of what you could expect if you come to these shores!

Dried Meat Sausage and Fruit

Staring from the bottom, is a sun dried Apricot.

Then a piece of Biltong, piece of dried beef, you also get it in wild game meats as well as ostrich, there are a few other varieties as well.

Then a piece of dried wors, or dried sausage traditionally beef.

My wife and I make these up as a treat for family and friends as well as for sale.


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    • libby101a profile image

      libby101a 6 years ago from KY

      Nice pics! You have me starving me! I'm going to have to get something to eat now! Great hub! Keep them coming!

    • Minnetonka Twin profile image

      Linda Rogers 7 years ago from Minnesota

      Loved the pictures and you got me hungry with the pictures. Chicken soup looks great to me right now as it's been raining for hours and hours here in Minnesota.