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Another Unusual Love Story of Shinu and Shizuka- Part One

Updated on September 19, 2017

Love is a small word but it hides a big meaning in it. No doubt, there are famous love stories in the world and this is one another love story of a Shinu and Shizuka. Both have same nature but they see the world and life with different attitude.

Shinu the boy in the story is a fat guy with a beard on his face yet handsome and Shizuka is a simple girl with an innocent face and beautiful smile. She is full of life. Both met in computer class for the first time in 2009.

Shizuka has joined the class late after one week. On the first day of the class, she was waiting for the teacher with other students.

The teacher enters the class with Shinu.

Teachers: Good morning class!

Students: Good Morning Sir!

Teacher: Today, we have a new student in between us, her name is Shizuka.

The teacher asked Shizuka to introduce her.

Shizuka: Hi, my name is Shizuka and I am doing my graduation. I join this class to enhance my computer skills.

Teacher: So, Shizuka, as other students are one week ahead of you in this class, so, you have to takes notes from someone.

Shizuka: Okay Sir.

Teacher: Ok, class, we start again from the beginning.

After class got over, Shizuka asked other students for notes. Shinu was sitting behind her. He is mischievous and talkative. As she was asking for notes, he said, sir has told us not to give notes to a girl whose name starts with “ S”. The girl abruptly replied I haven’t asked from him whose name also starts with “S”. The conversation ends. One other girl in the class gave her notes to Shizuka.

As the days passed, Shinu and Shizuka become friends and start doing computer projects together. Their bonding has grown over the time. But there comes a twist. Both get less mark in their exam. The teacher called both of them and asked the reason. Both gave a promise to score well in the next exam. The teacher asked Shinu to go out and asked Shizuka, is Shinu disturbs her? She hesitantly said yes. The teacher called in Shinu and asked him not to disturb her. He got hurt and asked Shizuka for this. Shizuka said sorry to him. Days passed and they start coming together to the class.

One day Shinu called her.

Shinu: Hi, what you doing?

Shizuka: Nothing, what happen?

Shinu: I want to ask you something?

Shizuka: What?

Shinu: How we do guess if other person likes us or not?

Shizuka: How would I know? Have I done Ph.D. in this? She abruptly replied to him.

Shinu: Hmmm

Shizuka: Why are you asking this?

Shinu: Nothing. My friend fell for someone and he wants to know whether she likes him or not?

Shizuka: Ok

Shizuka felt something that it was not his friend but he himself.

The very next day, she asked him that yesterday, he was talking about himself and the girl must be his neighbor “Ziney”.

Shinu: Yes, It is me but the girl is not “Ziney”.

Shizuka: Who is the girl then?

The story continues.....................


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