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Another Gospel song was born! #3

Updated on May 1, 2016

Telephone call from God

Do you believe in Angels or that The Lord sometimes speaks to us when we really need to hear His voice? There was a time I did not believe my All Mighty God would possibly think of speaking to us. After all, He was much to busy taking care of the whole could he find time to speak to you and I? Well, many years have passed since I believed that way, so I wasn't surprised when I was asked to help a lady turn her poem into a song. I believe her poem was supposed to be pure fiction, however, I would not be surprised to hear that it came from a true event.

I was walking off the stage at a Senior Care home after sharing some of my original music when Sherry Hammer, a visitor there that day, stopped me and asked if I would consider looking at her poem. She wondered if I could turn it into a song. She had been feeling very strongly that she should share it with as many people as possible, not as a poem but as a song. I replied, "I have never written a song that way but send me your poem and I will see what I can do." I had little hope of creating a melody for her words, as my songs usually come to me, lyrics and melody at the same time.

As I read the words, I realized the subject was possibly very much what some people may need to ...I went to work and completed " Telephone Call from God". Sherry was tickled pink when I sent her a copy of what I had come up with and I now have it on several music sites. I have been receiving some very positive reviews and it has been played more than a thousand times .

A phone call in a church!!! Hello this is God!

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Telephone Call from God vocalist, Betty Overstreet

We made the song become a reality!

It usually takes more than one person to make a song become a reality and I am so grateful to ; My Co-writer, Sherry Hammer, for providing the poem that became lyrics

God for putting the melody in my head to make it become a song.

John Covert, Crystal Image for creating the musical arrangement to we could record it for you to hear.

We pray you will enjoy our song!

Let's choose a favorite!

Who is your favorite Christian Artist

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Sandy Patty

Sandy Patty is a spectacular Christian vocalist. She began singing at age 2 years, with "Jesus loves me" and has continued on to become widely know for her extraordinary vocal range.

Sandy Patty music is wonderful

William & Gloria Gaither

This duo are fabulous and have done amazingly well at helping many gospel singers to reach "well known" status. They are well known for the many songs they have written, being way back in the "60s" or earlier. My very favorite is "He touched me". I have recorded it myself and it is on one of my CDs.

I hope you enjoy the music!


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