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Antarctica: An Adventure of a Different Nature

Updated on April 3, 2011

About the Movie

This movie was originally made for IMAX theaters. It is great for using as an introduction to the southern continent and its diversity. It covers a lot of different topics related to Antarctica including seals, penguins, ice core drilling, scientific research, history of Scott's death in the Antarctic, and ice. It is done in an easy to understand way and is presented with some beautiful film scenes.

Questions for Students to Answer as they Watch Movie

Antarctica was once as remote as the _____. (moon)

How much of the world's fresh water is frozen in Antarctica's ice sheets? 70%

Name an animal that lives in Antarctica year round. (Weddell Seals, Emperor Penguins)

Adelie penguins build nests with ______. (stones)

Crevasses can be _______ of feet deep. (hundreds)

What builds bridges across the top of crevasses? (wind blown snow)

How far does the climate record go back in ice core samples? 10,000

Who was the first person to fly over the South Pole? Richard Biard

How long does daylight last in the South Pole? 6 months


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