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Anthony Sowell the Serial Killer Next Door

Updated on March 14, 2011

Do You Know Who Your Neighbors Are?

Imagine the horror of living next door to a convicted rapist who is also a serial killer, that’s what the Cleveland, Ohio, neighbors of 50 year old Anthony Sowell had to experience recently with the bodies of six African American women having been discovered in his home of who all were strangled. This is why it’s very important to know who your neighbors are because not many even knew that Sowell was a convicted rapist even though he had the record and had to check in regularly at the sheriffs’ office which he’s said to have done faithfully. The people in the neighborhood had known this man for years, some of whom spoke to him on a regular, I would have been horrified and definitely would not remain in the neighborhood or next door from where Anthony Sowell lived. You all are probably saying that one person cannot ruin the whole neighborhood when in fact one person can. The neighbors are now wondering how they could have missed this but it is clearly a question that will never be fully answered because it’s so easy to pay attention to something out of the ordinary when the things and people that seem ordinary can be far from that.

Authorities are now trying to identify the bodies of these women, it should be really obvious by now that many of the women were probably from the neighborhood or lived not too far away but the question that I’m sure we all would like answered is whether any of the victims were ever reported missing from the area along with how long they have been deceased. Mr. Sowell had to report to the sheriff’s office to check in but the sheriff or someone should have paid him a visit to his home. I’m not blaming the sheriff or any of the authorities for the crimes this man has committed but there should be stricter policies for sex offenders in any case, if they have to hire more workers to perform those type of house call duties I know the economy is bad right now but they should go ahead and do it because there could have been more victims or maybe there are. I would suggest backtracking this monsters every move from the time he was released to now, this would include association with family or friends outside his home to see what they come up with and locking Sowell away for life because I don’t believe in the death penalty.

The woman whom was raped in Sowells home and escaped should be counting her blessings right now; the neighbors should be counting their blessings right now because I’m sure that many of their children have come in contact with Sowell at some time. What would make someone do this? This is Jeffrey Dahmner all over again and the sad and fearful part is that there are many more out there maybe in our own neighborhoods that will probably never be brought to justice. It does not matter if these women were homeless, addicts, or street walkers the fact is that they were human, they ate and slept like all of us do so they were people who didn’t have to die like this, they had families. When you go out today and upon leaving your residence speak to a neighbor keep your eyes open, this is not to put fear in you but to put awareness in you all. Do you know who your neighbors are? As of now I am checking my city’s listing of registered and non registered sex offenders or anyone with a criminal background in my area to be on the safe side, to be able to sleep at night or let our children play outside during the day.


Seems as though people in the neighborhood have been reporting missing family members or friends who were last seen in the neighborhood dating back to June, so now I really have to ask why the cops never looked into the fact that a convicted sex offender was living in a neighborhood where people were just coming up missing daily but didn’t piece it together? I feel sorry for the families, this is a really terrible ordeal as many know that the loved ones they have been searching for could have been there the whole time. 



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