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April Fools' Day: 8 Gags and Pranks for Friends, Family, Co-Workers, and You!

Updated on April 1, 2014

Are you looking for some simple, effective April Fools' Day gags and pranks? Below are eight April Fool's Day gags, just for you - well, and your friends, family, co-workers, etc.! I'll let you know ahead of time, Prank #8 is absolutely my favorite April Fools' Day prank!

April Fools' Day Gag

Prank #1

You will like this one! You must practice really hard though. It involves falling down, so if you aren't in shape and are not up to it, don't attempt it!

Go to your local chain store and fall down. Pretend to be really hurt. Wait for others to circle around you. Then hop up and say "April Fools'!"

A Gag for April Fools' Day

Prank #2

You are to run up to someone (that you know) and say "Someone's chasing me!!! Help me!" Turn around and run... they'll follow... trust me! Run for a little while and then stop. Turn around. Say "Gotcha! April Fools!!"

April Fools' Day Gag

Prank #3

This one's really fun if you're a teacher! It involves a little planning. Assign your students some overnight reading homework. Then give your students a multiple choice pop quiz on the next day!

They'll tense up, but offer them encouraging words. "Do your best!" "If you've read, you'll do just fine!" etc... Most importantly, tell the students "There must be absolutely NO talking until after the results are given. I will then give you a chance to ask questions."

Give out the pop quiz and make sure that it is not related to the reading assignment. Collect the papers and pass them out to the other students to "grade." Some may do well, some may do poorly. Anyway... collect the papers from the students that are grading them. Say that you need to look over the responses and quickly glance over everything... have a big RED pen handy. Put a big "F" with a circle around it at the top of each paper.

Pass the papers out.

Keep the students going with the gag... tell them how disappointed you are with their work... etc. BUT don't let it get too out-of hand. As soon as you see a tear, say "April Fools!" You've all just received a free "A!"

April Fools' Day Gag

Prank #4

Give your boss the heart attack that you've just been waiting to give them. Note: Make sure that your reputation and relationship with your boss is GREAT before attempting this!

Call your boss on the phone. And say,

"Hi _____. This is _____ from the _____ department. I'd just like to say that it has been a great _____ years working for you, but I can't take the stress of it anymore. I QUIT!!!"

Wait for the response. Then say, "April Fool's!"

A Gag for April Fools' Day

Prank #5

Make your friend a fool! Get him/her with a bucket of water. This one could really get you in trouble, so be prepared for your friend's return gag! You'll have to figure this one out by yourself. I'm not gonna take part in this! :)

April Fools' Day Gag

Prank #6

"Weren't you gonna wish me Happy Birthday?" It's simple, but effective. All you need to do is pretend it's your birthday! (Make sure it's with someone that doesn't know your real birthday!)

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April Fools' Day Gag

Prank #7

Already got gagged? Try: "Tomorrow is April Fools Day!" right back at 'em... Ya never know, it just might work! :)

The Best April Fool's Day Gag

Prank #8

Now then. I have encrypted this last gag! It's the most fun one and is really simple! Take the first word from gag 1. Write it down. Take the second word from gag 2. Write it down. Do the same thing all the way through Gag 6. Gag 7 is the exception. It uses words 7-9. After you've written down each word in order, you'll have the encrypted April Fools Day gag!

Google Likes April Fool's Day, Too!

Each year the internet giant Google, pulls a big one on its users. I wonder what it'll be this year?

Find out here: Google's April Fool's Day Gag


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    • DzyMsLizzy profile image

      Liz Elias 6 years ago from Oakley, CA

      Hahaha! Well, having read this after April Fool's Day is over with, here's one to keep in mind for next year. My daughter & I got my grandson good this year. It was a return-the-favor prank that he had pulled on his mom a couple of years ago. Sufficient time had passed that he'd forgotten.

      Collect a bunch of paper-punch dots from the catcher on the back of a 3-hole punch gizmo, OR, pick some shred out of the paper shredder.

      Place a generous amount on the top surface of each blade of a ceiling fan the victim is likely to use. (Be sure not to put too much if you're using shred--it's more likely to be seen from a standing position from below than the punch-dots.)

      Then, just stand back and wait for them to turn on the fan switch. Best used on a warm day when the fan will be almost guaranteed to be used.

    • create a page profile image

      create a page 6 years ago from Maryland, USA

      Very interesting pranks.

    • lxxy profile image

      lxxy 8 years ago from Beneath, Between, Beyond

      Haha, I loved the teacher thing.

      One of my fav comedians once spoke about wearing an ear piece in the LA airport and going "Code four, copy, I have target in sight...." and then going up to a random traveler and tackling them!

      People will gather around and clap...and one less person will be coming back to LA. ;)

    • Herald Daily profile image

      Herald Daily 8 years ago from A Beach Online

      Oh, boy! This gives me some great ideas for next year, thanks!

    • dineane profile image

      dineane 8 years ago from North Carolina

      I haven't gotten anyone all day...but then you're the only one who "got" me, so I don't feel so bad :-)