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Updated on June 22, 2014

While WB was putting together their roster of who would be a part of their grand DC Cinematic Universe, two characters in particular seemed would not be a part of it. One of them would be Aquaman. The wide spread opinion by the casual movie-goer would be that Aquaman is a joke of a hero and a character but the fact is that the man is a force to be reckoned with and I am sure that the folks behind the camera feel obligated to reinforce that notion. All the Aquaman memes starting from Family Guy should be coming to an end real soon. Yes, he derives his powers from the ocean, but more then half the Earth is comprised of water so I'd so with that fact he has plenty of power. Not to mention from a story standpoint, he is at first the prince to the throne of Atlantis which can play out in an interesting way due to how many people would love to have a seat on the throne. He has great enemies such as Black Manta and Triton all who could be great foils in his eventual solo film. But, one shouldn't get ahead of themselves as a solo film for the character is not yet even rumored. This is most likely due to the public's view of the character and fear of how a solo film would be received, much like Marvel's Hulk in ways.

As for the casting of the part, WB had long been focused on Jason Momoa who has risen to fame in large part due to his role as the Dothraki king, Khal Drogo in Game of Thrones. Momoa showed that he can be a physical presence on screen while carrying plenty of authority which bodes well for him in the role of Aquaman. He also seems to be able to pull of his fair share of action sequences which yet again is another good indication. However, as Khal Drogo, he never spoke a word of English, he was simply put, a physical presence. So there is a bit of skepticism behind casting him in such a pivotal role but like with Wonder Woman, save the skepticism and be a bit optimistic until you actually see the character on screen. He seems able enough for the role and able to at least endear viewers to his character, which might just be enough for it to be considered a success.

The direction of the character seems to be clear considering the rumors of Aquaman's presence in Dawn of Justice. He seems to be unhappy with Superman considering the World Engine that he destroyed in Man of Steel, laid waste to the Indian Ocean. Now, Aquaman is all about protecting the oceans and he isn't about to let someone harm his home. Thus, I am sure he will be portrayed as a bit of an outsider from the group who is a bit of a wildcard. Aquaman will be a bit a weary to trust the likes of Superman due to his previous actions but somewhere along the line I am sure that tensions will be cooled, but Aquaman does not forget. I doubt you will see a fight between the characters in Dawn of Justice, but I would not be surprised to see a bit of in house fighting between members of the Justice League and Aquaman when the penultimate film comes out bringing all of these great characters together.


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