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Aquaman: No Spoilers Review

Updated on January 24, 2019
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Bachelor of Audiovisual Production and Direction. Avid comic book reader. Proud nerd.


Greetings, fans of all things heroic! The waiting is over, Aquaman is finally here, and it surpasses our expectations. Whether you are a hard-core comic book reader or you have no idea who Aquaman is, you will find yourself captivated by this epic hero's journey.

Film: Aquaman

Year: 2018

Director: James Wan

Cast: Jason Momoa, Amber Heard, Nicole Kidman, Willem Dafoe, Patrick Wilson, Dolph Lundgren.

5 stars for Aquaman

An Adventure Full of Emotion:

Aquaman has all the necessary elements to conquer the big screen. Director James Wan did a marvelous job presenting the characters, story and universe. He made us feel we were actually breathing underwater, swimming through the seven seas, and witnessing the grandeur of Atlantis.

With spectacular action sequences as well as breath-taking visual effects, James Wan orchestrates a story that outstands within the superhero genre because it goes deeper than the classical Hero versus Villain plot. Aquaman's story is an epic journey where love, family, and legacy play crucial roles.

James Wan orchestrates a story that outstands within the superhero genre.

The Heart of a Hero:

Jason Momoa plays Arthur Curry (Aquaman), a tough man like we saw in Justice League, but the character's most outstanding quality is his good heart. Behind the strength, the power, the courage, Aquaman is, plain and simple, a good man. And a good man does not let injustices happen. Even though he might be reluctant to take the throne, he never hesitates to act when the world needs him. He has saved more lives than what the surface world knows.

Aquaman's most outstanding quality is his good heart.

A Battle for the Throne of Atlantis:

When his half-brother, King Orm, attacks the surface world, Aquaman is the only one who can stand against him. To do that, he must earn the trust and respect of Atlanteans. Fortunately for him, he is not alone. Princess -and warrior- Mera, whose amazing powers you'll discover throughout the movie, is the one who introduces Arthur to a world completely unknown to him and fights by his side. But, not as a sidekick. Mera is way more than that. It would be more accurate to compare their relationship to a buddy cop movie where Mera is the responsible cop with a high moral, and Arthur is the rebel cop who wants to do good by his own terms. Despite their differences, their chemistry, both as characters as well as the actors playing the roles, is undeniable. Mera is a remarkable character because she is not the secondary character who is only there to make the hero shine brighter. Aquaman and Mera go on a journey of adventure, from harsh deserts to the deep dark waters of the ocean, and her role is vital to the story.

Jason Momoa's charisma and Amber Heard's courage make a superhero team that shows the best of DC Comics.

A Taste of the Greatness of DC Comics:

Aquaman is not a flavor-of-the-week movie, a film to enjoy for two hours and then forget. It's an emotional journey of the hero that will stay tattooed in your heart. Jason Momoa's charisma and Amber Heard's courage make a superhero team that shows the best of DC Comics, a company home to many of the world's most amazing superheroes: Characters who are known not only for their power but for the inspiration they awake in fans. James Wan knew exactly how to get all the best elements from comics by Geoff Johns, Peter David, Ivan Reis, and many more creators and translate them into the cinematic language.

Aqua-fans, dive into the world of Aquaman and see it for yourselves!

About Post-Credits Scenes:

There is only one post-credits scene right after the main credits. If you patiently wait until all the credits have rolled - as I did- you will see nothing but the Warner Bros. logo.

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