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Aquaman Trailer Reaction and Review

Updated on July 24, 2018

Well we've been waiting for what seems forever for the rightful king to take his place. The wait is not over yet, but Warner bros and James Wan didn't leave us with nothing, they spoilt us with a beautiful trailer, introducing us to the amazing city of Atlantis and more in-depth look at the uncrowned King Arthur Curry.

From the moment the trailer starts and that music hits you can tell we're in for something special. something that has the possibility to be revolutionary. As Wan said in previous interviews an underwater Indiana Jones vibe, and I see that, it looks like it will be an emotional, wholesome, thrilling ride, watching the somewhat unwilling hero find his place in the world.

The trailer starts with a quick glimpse at his father and mother, and goes into a young Arthur, this really sets the tone of how moving this movie will be. "life has a way of bringing people together." - Aquaman. I feel this quote will come into play in more ways than one during the film.

December 21st
December 21st | Source

Wan has an eye for detail, he's captured the comics, but its still great for the casual fan to follow along. Patrick Wilson as King Orm is something I'm especially looking forward too, to see his hate for the surface dwellers come to light will be a tale for the ages. Another interesting thing to see play out is his hatred for his mother and Aquaman or if this is even a thing, This will be a villain to watch, he has potential to blow us away.

And then we have Black Manta, something many comic fans can agree on as being one of the most faithful adaptions to date, the look of the suit is incredible, lets hope the rest of the character holds up, which I absolutely believe it will. Fans of the comics are probably wondering just how Manta comes into the picture, will it be the same or will it be a twist? Questions we all look forward to having answered. one things for sure, he's not here to be Arthur's friend and he plans on kicking ass, dare I say legion of doom is in his future?

"The war is coming to the surface, and i'm bringing the wrath of the seven seas with me." - King Orm

Black Manta
Black Manta | Source
King Orm
King Orm | Source

And what we've all been anticipating is how Mera and Arthur come to be, I might need tissues for this one, the chemistry between them in the trailer flowed nicely, the romance doesn't look overbearing and cheesy, their scenes felt natural.

Now as always not everything is perfect and if I have to nit-pick it would be some of the cgi in places, but not to worry there's still plenty of time and with a lot of first trailers cgi is never finished.

Aquaman will be in theaters December 21st and I'd recommend everyone get their tickets, and not miss out on what looks like a fantastic movie.


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