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Archer FX Series

Updated on October 24, 2015

Danger Zone!

Archer is the edgy and hilarious take on 007 that we always wanted to see. The series focuses on Sterling Archer, the smooth and skilled, yet drunk and (mysoginistic) secret agent. Archer and his team of less-than-perfect co-workers fight international terrorism and crime in the vein of the CIA, but without the legal right to do so. Archer and the team deal with all kinds of opposition, from deadly agents in the field to the deadly stupidity of each other around the office.

Archer premiered in 2009 and has been a hit for the FX Network ever since. Season seven is set to begin in January of 2016.

Sterling Archer

Sterling Archer is a rich playboy super spy who loves nothing more than to drink, hit on women, and kill people. He does all of the above very well, but most of his actions anger his team at work, who want to fight the enemy in more ethical ways... and do it sober. When Archer isn't drinking (which is rare), he can be found cracking jokes and cutting down his coworkers, calling out each one on their hypocracy (nobody at this agency is exactly "pure of heart", after all). Archer does believe in the cause of fighting terrorism and crime, and he is one of the world's best spies, but it's just so much more fun for him to drink and get laid.

Lana Kane

Lana Kane is Archer's main partner in the field. Skilled in everything from Krav Maga to just plain ass kicking, Lana is just as able as Archer, maybe even better when it comes to physical combat. Nevertheless, she can be the butt of many of his jokes, including constantly being reminded of her large hands. Clearly the better agent in nearly every way, it does seem to get to her on occasion that Archer gets special treatment and is billed as top agent. Still, this doesnt stop her from reluctantly working with him... and being the mother of his child.

Malory Archer

Malory Archer is the head of the organization and mother to Sterling. Not surprisingly, she gives special treatment to Sterling, making him top agent and letting him call many of the shots (no matter how wrong those shots may be). Despite the special treatment, Malory can still make life a living hell for Sterling and the team at a moment's notice. A heavy drinker just like her son, Malory seems to have issues with her own terrible parenting that continue to the present day. Even though she love/hates Sterling, Malory does her best to keep the agency afloat with new assignments and government deals, reluctantly trusting her team to handle them all.

Danger Zone Music Video Promo

Cyril Figgis

Cyril is the team's accountant and occasional field agent. Despite being a complete wuss in the face of adversity, Cyril finds himself right in the line of fire more often than not. Surprisingly, he has managed to do rather well on missions, even gaining the trust of a drug cartel and becoming a leader in their ranks for an episode. Cyril has very complicated relationships with just about everyone, having dated Lana and inadvertently framing Archer as the father of a baby who is actually his. More than anything, Cyril provides a fun banter with Archer and an entertaining punching bag for the whole team.

Cheryl Tunt

The office assistant and receptionist at an office with no visitors, Cheryl (sometimes Carol) is the young, weird, and dumbest member of the agency. She spends most of her time at the office getting high and hitting on people. When she's not busy with her primary tasks, she often teams up with Pam to cause trouble for the rest of the team. It's not uncommon for them to "accidentally" stow away and find themselves on a mission with everyone else. Cheryl offers the team very little help in taking down criminals, but she does offer a nice reminder that there is always someone dumber around the corner.... oh, and she's apparently incredibly rich.

Pam Poovey

Pam is the not-so-pure HR manager of the office. With a sorted past featuring jail time, Yakuza experience, and now cocain addiction, Pam is probably more screwed up than anyone else in the office, even Archer. She has no problem throwing down in an instant and commonly spends her time causing trouble with Cheryl by either destroying the office or stowing away on missions. A little bit country mixed with a little bit of badass, Pam never fails to shock the team... now if they only knew about her and Archer...

Dr. Algernop Krieger

Every good spy agency needs a good scientist, and why not a creepy one, too? Krieger fits the role perfectly, providing the agents with all kinds of futuristic gadgets while simultaneously trying to hide his pet projects. Whether it's designing the world's best spy car or creating his own breast milk, Krieger's insane experiments seem to always work pretty well. He once cloned himself numerous times, only to kill them all, but the original Krieger survived (as far as we know). For the most part, Krieger means well, but it is advisable to stay away from his lab. Chance are, you will see something you wish you hadn't.

Ray Gilette

Ray is another primary field agent, often teaming up with Archer, Lana, and Cyril. He tends to become annoyed very easily, but then again, he does works with Archer. He has no problem talking trash to basically everyone. Ray has had many leg issues over the years, from being paralyzed to revealing it was a lie to actually becoming paralyzed to gaining bionic legs thanks to Krieger. Ray is a dedicated member of the team and can be seen as a blend of Archer's passion and Lana's reason.


Woodhouse is the sad old manservant to Archer. He lives a simple life, not getting to take part in much of any of the luxuries of Archer's penthouse. Years ago, Woodhouse took in a young and pregnant Malory Archer who was being chased by criminals, and he has had a job as the family butler ever since. Woodhouse was a fighter pilot in a previous life, but has taken on a much more reserved demeanor since those days. However, Woodhouse does occasionally get to have fun, like when he knocks out Archer and later tells him he was drunkedly chasing women around the penthouse when he slipped and fell. No matter what, Woodhouse is always there for the Archer family... except we haven't seen him since season 5.

Archer Quotes

Archer is one of the most quotable, catchphrase-filled shows on TV today. Here are just a few of the gems the series has given us so far:

Archer: Lana. Lana. Lanaaaaaa!

Everyone: Phrasing

Cheryl: You're not my supervisor!

Lana: Yup

Cyril: Hello

Archer: Danger Zone!

Watch Archer Online

While Archer tends to only premiere new episodes early in the year, you can watch Archer online year round! Check out all six seasons online at Hulu Plus.


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