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Are You Compatible With Gemini? Know the Facts About Your Gemini Love Interest

Updated on March 21, 2013

Gemini Compatibilities

People who are born under Gemini are known to be very active when it comes to everything. They always want to try something new because they easily get bored with everything and anything that they are doing. They are also very curious about thing, which is why they always want to know everything that catches their eyes. Their energetic trait is what makes them very entertaining and witty to a lot of people, which is why everyone want to be friends with them.

People who are under the zodiac sign of Gemini have the passion for writing and communicating, which is why they make a good travel buddy. They love writing about anything and everything under the sun, while communicating with all sorts of people is not a problem to them.

Gemini with Leo

The combination of Taurus and Libra will be good because they are both very affectionate with each other. They create a happy couple, which is why a lot of couples admire them truly. Gemini usually will love using her mind, while Leo is using his heart when loving. When it comes to marriage they will surely have a very successful marriage.

Gemini with Aries

The Gemini and Aries combination will be exciting because they always want to learn new things. They both want to be knowledgeable in a lot of things, and they will never get tired of learning. Their combination will also not crave for sex, but they will make everything just to please each other in different ways. Marriage for this combination will be successful.

Gemini with Cancer

The Gemini and Cancer combination will be fun at first, because Cancer will be intrigued with the Gemini. Problems may arise when Cancer shows that he is not fond of giving pleasure to Gemini. Marriage may occur but it will usually not last.

Gemini with Libra

The combination of Gemini and Libra is great because of their love for each other. They will usually let love revolve around them. Gemini and Libra both have passions when it comes to artistry and intellectuality, which makes them a really good match for each other. When it comes to sex, they will surely both enjoy pleasuring each other. Both of them will usually have a happy marriage in the future.

Gemini with Taurus

The combination of Gemini and Taurus will be great at the beginning of their relationship. The reason behind this is because Taurus will start to notice Gemini's love and affection at first. Unfortunately this won't last long, which can lead to separation. Marriage will be unsuccessful for this match.

Gemini with Scorpio

The Gemini and Scorpio combination will experience problems in and outside marriage. Gemini will usually work hard and try to achieve everything that she can in life, while Scorpio will only try to improve himself and not the other way around. This will of course cause conflicts, which is why they will not have a happy marriage in the future.

Gemini with Aquarius

The combination of Gemini and Aquarius will be fun, because Aquarius will always have surprises which the Gemini will certainly love. Both of them will enjoy each other in bed, but there may come a time that they may not please each other when it comes to bed. On the other hand both of them will enjoy socializing with different people. Marriage for this combination will definitely be successful.

Gemini with Capricorn

The combination of Gemini and Capricorn may not last for long because of their differences. Gemini has an easy going attitude, while Capricorn will always be cautious about things. The Capricorn should be patient with Gemini if they want their relationship to last long. But typically they won't have an ideal marriage.

Gemini with Gemini

The combination of the same Gemini zodiac signs will surely bring happiness for the both of them and the people around them. They will usually enjoy each other in bed, because they both love giving pleasures. Marriage for both Gemini zodiac signs will surely be successful.

Gemini with Virgo

The combination of Gemini and Virgo will be very boring from the very beginning. They won't usually have a great relationship because Virgo will always see Gemini as a boring type of person. They won't usually have a lasting relationship, which is why marriage is impossible.

Gemini with Sagittarius

The combination of Gemini and Sagittarius is very fun, because of the many traits that they have alike. But when it comes to bed, both of them may not be satisfied since they are not fond of pleasuring each other. The marriage for this combination will be fun and definitely successful.

Gemini with Pisces

The combination of Gemini and Pisces is not good, since they will be filled with problems along the way. Gemini is always playful, while Pisces will always take everything seriously. Marriage is not possible for the both of them, but if the push through with it, the marriage won't usually last.


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