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Are You There Chelsea TV Show Review

Updated on May 27, 2012

Are You There Chelsea?

Are You There, Chelsea TV show is a comedy which first aired on NBC on the 11th of January 2012 to more than 6.4 million viewers.

6.4 million viewers is nothing to sniff at and is actually 400, 000 more viewers than it's lead in comedy show Whitney actually managed to secure. NBC may be slighly disappointed with these figures as they expected more from Are You There, Chelsea? as the series is actually based on a book entitled Are You There Vodka, It's Me Chelsea? The novel is a comedic biography of the author Chelsea Handler. In the Are You There Chelsea? TV Show the main character is called Chelsea Newman, rather than Handler. The author, Chelsea Handler, actually stars in theTV series and plays the role of Chelsea Newman's sarcatic older sister Sloane. Chelsea Handler is also the Executive Producer on Are You There Chelsea?

Are You There Chelsea Cast and Characters
Are You There Chelsea Cast and Characters

Are You There Chelsea Cast

Laura Prepon plays the main character Chelsea Newman. Chelsea Newman's older sister in the show is called Sloane and is played by Chelsea Handler, the author of Are You There Vodka, It's Me Chelsea, of which the TV show is based. This dysfunctional famiy is rounded out by the wacky father of the girls, Melvin Newman, played by Lenny Clarke.

Chelsea Newman has a number of friends/work colleagues in the form of Olivia (Ali Wong) and Todd (Mark Povinelli). Also her Boss at the Sportsbar is called Rick, who is played by Jake McDoran.

Last but not least, as she is one of the funniest characters so far, is Chelsea Newman's new flatmate Dee Dee. Lauren Lapkus plays the role of the offbeat wallflower Dee Dee perfectly and at times, in my opinion, steals the show.

Chelsea Prays to Vodka
Chelsea Prays to Vodka

Are You There Chelsea Synopsis

Are You There, Chelsea is about a 20-something blonde female, called Chelsea, who works in a Sports Bar and the general funny stuff that happens in her life.

Chelsea likes to drink, go out on dates, have fun and is genearlly very srcastic and somewhat witty. She has an older sister called Sloane. Sloane is very different from Chelsea. Sloane is her responsible, pregnant older sister and is generally who Chelsea turns to in her moments of need. The sisters know they can generally depend on each other in most facets of their lives.

Sloane gives birth to her baby in the first episode and many funny and witty remarks are made in reference to Sloane's pregnant form, the delivery of the baby and the after effects of having a baby. You don't have to have given birth to understand these jokes, which is a plus.

A lot of the jokes are sex related in terms of STD's. Some jokes revolve around the physical attributes of the main characters such as Sloane's pregnancy, Olivia's Asian background and Todd's short stature.

Most of the comedy comes from the strange situations Chelsea Newman frequently finds herself in.

At the beginning of the series Chelsea is pulled over for drink driving and is held in the cell waiting for her sister to show up and bail her out. Chelsea realizes that one of the other female occupants looks menacing and threatening and approaches Chelsea aggressively. Chelsea decides the best way to diffuse the situation is to kiss the Biker woman. The Biker woman backs off promising to treat Chelsea to a good time!! Chelsea decides this is a good moment to pray, Are you there Vodka, it's me Chelsea? She tells Vodka that if she is bailed immediately she will never drink and drive again. Chelsea is miraculously released at that exact moment and decides to make good on her promise. However, instead of making the logical decision to quit drinking, Chelsea decides to not drive after drinking so gets an apartment 150 steps away from her work, the Bar.

Chelsea loves the apartment and the girl who lives there, Dee Dee has a funny, shy manner. Once Chelsea moves in Sloane comes to the apartment to return her cat. Dee Dee takes the cat under her wing because she loves cats. She even does a funny cat dance which is quite disturbing in some ways but funny at the same time. Although the cat claws Dee Dee she blames herself as the cat can't talk. As I said, Dee Dee is very strange but in a none violent way.

We find out Chelsea has personal history with her Boss, Rick. Turns out both of them like to be on top and neither would surrender so they are incompatible.

Chelsea decides that since she is trying new things she asks a red head out on a date. Everything is going well until she realizes "the carpet matches the drapes". No grooming for this guy, clearly!! Luckily she gets the call to assist in her sisters labor.

At the end of the episode the biker woman, from the jail cell, comes to the bar and "makes eyes" at Chelsea. Seriously, the show was worth it for that one moment.

Are You There Chelsea Trailer

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Changes in The Cast of Are You There Chelsea?

Since the trailer of Are You There Chelsea was recorded there have been a number of changes made to the show. This has meant some of the cast of Are You There Chelsea have actually changed and differ from the actors shown in the trailer above. Most of the changes are really easy to notice and are like trying to play Spot the Difference.

The Future For Are You There Chelsea?

Clearly audiences didn't think much of Are You There Chelsea? The show has now been cancelled and won't be returning in. If you would like more details about why this comedy has been cancelled, please read the Cancelled TV Shows 2012 hub.


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