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Are you the biggest loser?

Updated on February 24, 2013

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Which would you choose to train you?

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The Terminator



Jillian Micheal is a power house in a small package!! Fans were disappointed when she went on her hiatus and now she is back and badder than ever. Jillian's style is tough love. She doesn't have time for hand holding, and song singing. She wants you to figure out why you've gained two hundred pounds in a year. Her goal is simple, do the work, the way I say and you will lose the weight. So far she has produced the most biggest loser winners. So there is something to be said for a no nonsense kind of gal. Her body is impeccable and she is usually a fan favorite. However, some may feel her tactics are too harsh and she should be more sensitive to the contestants feelings. Jill is not interested in the excuses the contestants make and feels if their not going to take their time seriously they could lose their spot all together. Jillian managed to make a contestant drop the first week this season. She couldn't take Jillian's in your face technique and she crumbled under pressure and left the ranch. According to contestants Jillian likes to inflict pain,she enjoys making them sweat hard,and also doesn't mind if they puke their brains out.Everyone isn't cut out for the training style of Jillian.. Do you think you could handle a day at the ranch with her?

The Peacemaker



If Jillian is the storm ,Bob would be the epitome of the calm after the storm. We love bob because he's so sensitive to what the contestants need emotionally. He works them out starting with their inside first, hoping it will reach the outside in time. He's sweet and endearing,but sometimes we wonder is he's too nice. Bob could afford to toughen up a little. His style is mostly emotionally healing and loving guidance. He's incorporated yoga at times so contestants can find their center. Bob does push at times,but it's not an aggressive push. His contestants lose weight but not many have become biggest losers under his training. It's now season 14 and we will have to see if Bob takes someone to victory or not. His the oldest out all the trainers, so maybe his wiser approach will yield great results.

The Motivator



Dolvette is the newest addition as far as trainers go,he took over after Jillian's hiatus. Dolvette"s style has a little bit of everything. He can be tough like Jillian, yet sensitive like bob,but he also has his own style which is motivational. His motivational mantra keeps his contestants working hard and believing in themselves "hard work,dedication" Always pays off according to Dolvette. He has a winning smile and body like a God. Most women contestants are too busy gushing over him to get their workout done right. Dolvette is a great addition to the show and by now has built a fan base of his own. He started season thirteen and is back for another so we will see if he brings the biggest loser crown home this season. We love Dolvette because he's charming and really believes in his contestants. How many would wait in line to be trained by Dolvette?


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