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Around the World in 80 Treasures Episode 2 Lesson Plan Questions

Updated on September 22, 2008

Episode 2: Mexico to America

Treasure 9: Palenque

What culture lived at Palenque?


How were the Mayans sophisticated?

Developed calendar, astronomers

How were they savages?

Human sacrifice/blood sacrifice, danced around in skins of sacrificed, pulled heart out while still beating

How did the kind and queen give blood sacrifice?

King slit penis and queen cut tongue

Treasure 10: The Giants of Tula

What culture made these Giants?


Where were the statues found?

In a trench

What are they believed to have been used as/represent?

Columns of a temple, guardians of the god

Treasure 11: Man, Controller of the Universe

What does this painting represent?

Man looking into future to select the world he wants to live in, conflict of communism and capitalism

Did the painter support capitalism or communism?


Did his lifestyle agree with the side he supports in his painting?


Treasure 12: 1851 Navy Colt Revolver

How did this revolver change the world?

Hand gun that shot multiple shots without reloading, soldiers got to keep them after Civil War and went West with them

Treasure 13: Mesa Verde

How old is Mesa Verde?

About 1,000 years

Who may have lived at Mesa Verde?


What is a kiva?

Underground circular room, family gathering room

Treasure 14: Monticello

Who built Monticello?

Thomas Jefferson

How is Monticello a symbol of freedom/American national identity?

Combination of different styles, expression as individuality by combining the styles

What is one of the dark secrets of Monticello/Jefferson’s beliefs?

He had slaves, supported forced removal of Native Americans

Treasure 15: The Statue of Liberty

How is this symbol of freedom contradictory?

Stair up to crown viewing platform is closed, turning away of immigrants at nearby Ellis Island

Who is one of the designers of the Statue of Liberty?

Gustav Eiffel, Auguste Bartholdi

Treasure 16: The Seagram Building

What is one of the skyscrapers he did not choose as a treasure?

Chrysler, Empire, Flat Iron

What is part of the beauty of this building?

Less is more, simplicity


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