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Around the World in 80 Treasures Episode 3 Lesson Plan Questions

Updated on September 23, 2008

Episode 3: Australia to Cambodia

Treasure 17: St. James Church

Why did he choose this as a treasure?

Tells the history of Australia from its penal origins

Treasure 18: Kakadu Rock Art

What do some of the paintings represent?

Creation, past, present

Who are the hunters? Who are the gatherers?

Men are hunters, woman are gathers

What do the fish paintings tell?

How to prepare them, parts you can eat, parts that you cannot eat

Treasure 19: Spirit Houses of Torajaland

What animals are sacrificed at the funerals?


What do the horns represent?

Family statues, the more the higher the status

Where do the ancestors live in the structure?

The gods/ancestors

Treasure 20: Tau Tau

What are Tau Tau?

Wooden statues that represent ancestors

What is inside the coffin Dave opens?

Rat giving birth

Treasure 21: Borobodur

What religion uses this temple?


What do the panels on the walls represent?

Life of the Buddha, Sudana the pilgrim, the path to Nirvana

Treasure 22: Golden Elephant of Ayutthaya

What was one of Buddha’s manifestations that he mentions?

White elephant

Treasure 23: Angkor Wat

What does this date back to?

mid-12th century

What does it represent?

Hindu image of celestial city, heaven on earth

What is Angkor dedicated to?


Treasure 24: Stone Faces of Bayon

What do these faces represent?

Faces of king and military leaders, compassionate Buddha


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