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Around the World in 80 Treasures Episode 4 Lesson Plan Questions

Updated on September 23, 2008

Episode 4: Japan to China

Treasure 25: The Samurai Sword

What is the sword made of?

Hard steel on edge and soft steel on inside to make it flexible

How long does it take to make a sword?

100 days

What do they cut to test the sword?


What does the dragon represent?

The four elements, the transformation of the sword

Treasure 26: Himeji Castle

What is unique about how he tours the castle?

He pretends to be an invader and acts out how the castle might have defended itself

Treasure 27: Ryoanji Zen Buddhist Garden

What does he imagine the rocks and gravel are?

Islands and the sea

Treasure 28: The Forbidden City

Why is he disappointed at this treasure?

Renovation going on, smog, feels like a tourist trap, too short of time to see it all

Why could not he see the Ming porcelain?

Too humid for them to take it out

Treasure 29: The Summer Palace Park

Who used the Summer Palace?

Chinese Emperors

Why does not the famous boat float?

It is built of marble and built on the lake bed

Treasure 30: The Great Wall of China

Why is it called the wall of tears?

It is believed those died while working on it where placed in the wall

What is one of the defensive aspects of the wall?

Parts can be isolated

Treasure 31: The Terra Cotta Army

What happened to the weapons the army once held?

Rotted away

Why are they looking east?

Looking towards heaven/sun ready to serve the emperor in afterlife

Treasure 32: Ming Porcelain

What is the dragon a symbol of?

Imperial symbol

What is the secret of porcelain?

Clay it is made of, stone dust, how it is fired to combine glaze and color and clay


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