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Arrow Episode 6 - Legacies (2012): TV Recap

Updated on January 16, 2013

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A new breed of criminal is crossing Oliver’s radar, as a gang of bank robbers known as the Royal Flush Gang has come in from Keystone City (home of the Flash!) to take down a few Starling City banks. At their first target, Ace gets a little wild and shoots an off-duty police officer who was getting ready to intervene. Someone hit the silent alarm, so the police arrive quickly, but not quickly enough: the gang sends the entire group of hostages fleeing from the bank wearing their signature playing card masks to distract police while they tunnel out through the floor of the vault and escape into their van.

Oliver and Diggle spar with metal batons in the secret lair to keep their crime-fighting skills sharp. Oliver handily wins the battle of abs versus biceps, and heads to his computer to look up his next target: Scott Morgan, who runs water and power in the Glades, tends to hike up his rates and then turn the services off when his poor customers can’t pay, even if it’s the dead of winter. Diggle mentions another, more pressing, threat: the Royal Flush Gang. Oliver is not amused, though, because there is not a single playing card listed in his father’s book. “I don’t fight street crime. That’s a symptom of what’s wrong with this city. I’m trying to cure the disease.” Diggle points out that there is more than one way to be a hero, but Oliver quickly shuts him down. “I’m not a hero.”

Diggle later calls Oliver to tell him that Scott Morgan tried to commit suicide, possibly because he thought the hooded vigilante would be after him, and is at the hospital now. The prospect of some extremely easy target practice is too great for Oliver to ignore, so he rushes to the hospital, only to find that Diggle was lying. Scott Morgan isn’t there, but Stan Washington, the cop who was shot in the bank robbery, is. Washington’s wife thanks Oliver for having her husband transferred to a better hospital where he will get better care. Diggle’s ploy works: he shows Oliver that he should never walk away when there is an opportunity to help people, even if the bad guy doesn’t have his name in Robert Queen’s book. Oliver is convinced. “Let’s go catch some bank robbers.”

Tommy tries to seduce Laurel with a quick trip to Coast City (home of the Green Lantern!) in his private jet. Unfortunately, Laurel’s company has just lost its biggest donor, so she is way too busy. Where do you turn when you can’t make time with your best friend’s ex? Why, to your best friend’s younger sister, who has a crush on you, of course! Tommy asks Thea how to handle a girl who (like Thea) he has known most of his life, and who (like Thea) doesn’t care how much money he has? Thea assumes he is talking about her, and advises him to show an interest in the things she is interested in, so Tommy rushes off to throw a fundraiser for Laurel’s firm, hoping that will help him score more points with her than his personal plane.

Nice masks! But where are your flying playing cards?
Nice masks! But where are your flying playing cards? | Source

Oliver starts investigating the bank robbery, and finds a pixilated image of a class ring on the hand of one of the robbers. He sneaks into the police station to download their files, and finds the picture of the man this guy punched. By looking at the impression the ring made in his face (this doesn’t actually work, according to Mythbusters), he can tell he went to Larchmont High School, and his computer database cross-references students and alumni with the height and weight of the robber, and tells him that Kyle Reston dropped out his senior year, and then disappeared with his family. Turns out they aren’t looking for a crew, they are looking for a family.

During a meeting with old family friends, Oliver has to duck out when Diggle tells him there’s another robbery in progress. This makes Oliver look like a self-centered jerk who can’t do one thing for his mother, but that’s in keeping with his new playboy image. He arrives during a firefight between the Royal Flush Gang (which is missing 10, by the way) and police, just in time to fire a trick arrow at the duffel bag full of cash. Straps shoot out, locking the bag to the ground, and forcing the gang to escape without the money.

This doesn’t sit well with the Royal Flush Gang. Maybe this is a sign that they should retire? But they aren’t quite “set for life” yet! They argue amongst themselves about the best way to proceed, and settle on a time-honored criminal cliché: “one more, and then we’re out.”

Oliver asks his Internet-savvy unwitting sidekick Felicity Smoak to help him find Derek Reston, Kyle’s father. It turns out he used to work for Oliver’s father until he decided to outsource the work to China, then shut down the factory, fire all the workers, and withhold their severance packages and pensions. Ah, since Derek is a victim of Robert Queen, the Royal Flush Gang is a mess Oliver feels obligated to clean up. Oliver tracks him down to a dive bar and tries to talk him out of robbing more banks by offering him a job with Queen Industries and assuring him that if his father had it to do over again, he’d do things differently. Derek rejects the offer, though, saying he still has pride left, and doesn’t want to accept charity from the son of the man who screwed him over. Oliver drops a bug on him as he’s leaving, and uses it to listen in on the gang’s upcoming plans. “One more job” is still in effect, so Oliver has no choice but to take him down.

At the benefit for Laurel’s company, Tommy thanks Thea for her advice, as it’s getting him in good with Laurel. Realizing that she is not the object of Tommy’s affection, she looks crestfallen, and decides to start chugging wine. Meanwhile, a jerky doctor steals Laurel away from Tommy with talk about starting free clinics in the Glades. Tommy is not happy, as he has real feelings for Laurel.

Diggle hears that the final bank robbery is going down, so Oliver has to make up another reason to leave, which upsets his mother. Oliver isn’t even really making excuses, he just says, “I have to go.” While his playboy alter ego is taken straight from Batman’s playbook, these sudden exits and lame excuses seem more like something you’d see out of Clark Kent in Lois and Clark or Smallville.

Silly Arrow, you can't shoot through a riot shield!
Silly Arrow, you can't shoot through a riot shield! | Source

As Oliver interrupts the bank robbery, he starts shooting arrows at Kyle/Ace, but they are easily deflected by a riot shield. King exits the vault just in time to see the bank guard about to shoot his son, so he dives in front of the bullet. As he’s bleeding out on the floor, he begs Oliver not to blame his son. It’s not his fault, he says, because he turned his son into this. Arrow is chock-full of positive male role models!

Seeing that Tommy is distressed by Laurel running off with the doctor, Thea drunkenly makes a move on him, only to be summarily put off. Thea, feeling rejected now by her entire family as well as Tommy, stumbles into a waiter and makes a mess, so Tommy escorts her outside. As Thea is puking her guts out in the Alley, Laurel comes outside and tells Tommy that she only danced with the doctor because he was going to write her a fat check. Is Tommy’s jealousy actually turning Laurel on here? She tells Tommy that she owes him a dance as well. “You earned it,” she says, kissing him on the cheek. Is this true love, or is she just dancing with anyone who can help her firm get back on her feet?

Back in the Arrowcave, Diggle commends Oliver for at least giving Reston a chance, even if he didn’t take it. Oh, and p.s., Stan Washington woke up and is going to be fine. Despite not getting to take down the evil businessman of the week, at least Oliver is opening his eyes to the possibility of other ways to help the city.

With Walter abruptly taking a business trip to Australia, and Oliver returning from the grave only to keep ditching his mom, Moira is feeling exceptionally lonely. Oliver decides to make it up to her by taking her to Big Belly Burger for a late-night snack.

“Legacies” wasn’t the best episode of the series, although I appreciate that they are trying to mix up the formulaic “evil businessman of the week” plotting. It felt kind of like a treading-water episode, without much forward momentum. Even the flashback sequences were kind of lame. Instead of fighting Deathstroke, Oliver hallucinates a visit from his dead father encouraging him to keep surviving, and figures out that heat from the fire reveals names written in invisible ink in his father’s notebook. Is it the hallucination that gets him back on track, or the realization that he won't have to think for himself now that he has an instruction manual from his father? Either way, it’s not a great motivation for his character. Luckily, next week looks awesome. Are you ready for the Huntress?

Arrow airs Wednesdays at 8pm Eastern on CW. Legacies originally aired 11/14/12.


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    • Thefilmguy24 profile image


      6 years ago

      I just watched this episode last night and I agree, it wasn't the best out of the series, but I did like the fact that the writers/producers are taking Oliver in a different direction of saving the city instead of the corrupt executives. I also liked the fact that they wrote it in with Diggler stating that there is "other ways to be a hero." The episode also did give more of an emotional arc for Oliver's character as to how he ended up being the survivor of the island that he became with the scene with his father" ghost or hallucination. The episode wasn't bad, it was just a little slow in some parts. I want to know what Oliver's mom has to do with the Queen's Gambit's sinking and how deep she is with this corrupt executive and how she knows about the list. That's what I'm waiting for. Next week's episode looks pretty good. I'm not a Green Arrow fan, but I do like this show and hope that it stays. Great review. Voted up.

    • Richard Perazzo profile image

      Richard Perazzo 

      6 years ago from Shirley, NY

      I agree with you. This wasn't the best episode of the season, but it wasn't bad either. Next weeks episode looks awesome though. I can't wait.


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