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Aruna Shields biography with pictures

Updated on November 30, 2010
Sexy Aruna Shields
Sexy Aruna Shields

Aruna Shields bio

 Tall and slender exotic beauty Aruba Shields shot to fame with the Bollywood movie "Prince" pairing opposite Vivek Oberoi. Aruba Shields was born in United Kingdom and is of Anglo Indian descent. Her father came over to UK when there was shortage of doctors in England. Her father's mother tongue is Kannada. This short Aruna Shields biography might get your interest peeked and have you check out her official website that has more details on her filmography. Aruna qualified from the Guildhall School of Music and Drama and went on to be heralded as one of the foremost contemporary dance performers. She appreared in ommercials for several international brands and some music videos. She also presented at London Fashion Week, and on Breakfast with Frost, and she worked on a number of movie projects. Enjoy these sexy Aruna Shileds Pictures after reading her biography and filmography.

Aruna Shields Picture Gallery

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Aruna Shields knows a variety of stunts and martial arts like cars   sky diving,   horse riding,  fire-arms, martial arts,  etc. She knows belly dancing and dancing with snakes as well. Beautiful Aruna Shields shot to stardom overnight with her explosive female lead in blockbuster action thriller Prince. Aruna's the heroine of AO The Last Neanderthal,  a gritty beauty and the beast love story, based 30,000 years ago in a lost savage world. Aruna is rebellious AKI, who saves the last Neanderthal from extinction. The unusual couple set out on an epic adventure of war and survival.

Aruna Shields is also the starring lead, Neera,in arthouse film Mr. Singh, Mrs. Singh, quirky story about a young girl dealing with infidelity. Leads in experimental and feature films like Mission Improbable, Private Moments, Violent Lesson, and underwater film Bait. Hope you enjoyed this Aruna Shields biography and her gorgeous pictures shared in this hub. Will Aruna Shields survive in this competitive film industry yet remains a question. Aruna has to be careful selecting her future projects in Bollywood to be a competitive heroine where plenty of skills other than acting are needed.

Aruna Shields interview

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