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Ghost Hunting Gadgets and Equipment

Updated on October 15, 2010

The hit Sci-Fi television show, Ghost Hunters has had great success with their hour long ghost hunting reality show.  Over the years the founders of TAPS, Jason and Grant have used many different devices, equipment, and other gadgets originally meant for other everyday type uses and found useful ways for them to be brought into the world of ghost hunting.

While not everyone is convinced that the gadgets really work, or that ghosts are even real, there is considerable evidence that there really is something else out there. TAPS was created to prove just that. Skeptics aside, Ghost Hunter fans and those in the ghost hunting community trust the integrity of the TAPS group.

Here are some of the paranormal finding equipment and gadgets that you can buy and use.

Detect EVP's With A Digital Recorder

An EVP is known as electronic voice phenomonen. It is the occurance of sounds or voices that can be heard on a recording but that were not heard by the human ear when the sound happened.

The EVP Dectector is just a digital recorder and is a device that anyone can use even without experience. Trying to detect EVP's is not something that is only done when doing ghost hunting investigations. For people who suspect there may be a presence of something in the house that is of paranormal origin, simply by setting by your bed at night or somewhere in the house and leaving it on to record overnight will work.

The next morning, start the recording at the beginning and listen closely.

EMF Detector

an EMF meter is an instrument used to measure the electromagnetic radiation field in a room. A constant raised reading of EMF can be caused by household appliances, piping, and other things that are part of the home.

For individuals in the ghost hunting field, identifying unexplainable spikes or readings with uncertain origin are thought to be evidence of a spirit, presence, or otherwise just paranormal phenomenon in the area. It is not proof if such, but with other evidence it can be a supporting factor.

Digital Thermometer

Often times people claim of cold spots  with no plausible explanation in locations to believed to be haunted by ghosts or paranormal activity. The theory is that ghosts will draw upon the energy in the room in order to manifest themselves or create activity.

A digital thermometer can read sudden changes in area temperature. A change in temperature can be as simple as a breeze cause by a gap in the window, but a cold spot is generally classified as a pocket of colder air that lasts for more then a few seconds, sometimes as many as a few minutes, that can not be explained by normal means.


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