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Ash vs Evil Dead, Hail to the King Baby!

Updated on January 4, 2017

Mix slapstick humour with blood and gore, then add a chin that became famous and you have what some call one of the most popular cult franchises ever. This is the show that fans waited for, the show that fans wanted, and it is the show they get.

The opening sequence of the show is brilliantly funny in it's mockery of the 'suit up' action sequence so many films of the past used. And though the joke has been done before, it still makes you laugh out loud when you see it here. Watching him pull in that girdle strap and then talk to the camera in only a way Bruce Campbell can pull off just made me want more.

The cast and supporting roles in Season Two
The cast and supporting roles in Season Two

Bruce Campbell has always been one of my favourite actors. Not only does he pride himself on his work, but he goes so far as to poke fun at the claim he is a B rated actor. I had the pleasure of seeing him in Calgary at a convention and was he was easily the highlight of the event. Not only is he captivating but also naturally funny, his off the cuff quips had the audience bursting with laughter and I can honestly say his appearance was enjoyed by all.

Dana De Lorenzo as Kelly is gorgeous. I don't care if she's spattered in blood and gore or just sitting in the passenger seat (does she always call shotgun?) in the Delta making sarcastic remarks, she is still beautiful. Now this aside she is also a super strong female character, not that she's the only one, and her power and authority has been evident since the first season. The second season dabbles more into this with numerous remarks towards her forging a path that places her in the drivers seat, but true to form she seems to have pushed those urges aside.

Tay Santiago as Pablo is fantastic. When that thing happens in season two, I was super pissed and worried about the future of the series. My fear was unfounded though and they were able to pull it out of the bag. His constant hero admiration in Ash is what drives the show I think, and without him Ash would be in sore spot. Pablo is the catalyst that Ash needs.

Lucy Lawless has been a regular appearance in the show and despite the character being a flip flop mystery I still like the character. It was lovely to see her as the bad girl, it was great to see her as the good girl, and now I'm SUPER curious to see her as the blast form the past 'bad girl'(maybe?) out of her time and space. She has a wonderful scope of acting chops and I'll be glad to see where they take Ruby next season.

Why should you watch it?

1. Bruce Campbell... this is reason enough.
2. It's kind of horror, but also with a good deal of humour. So even those people who aren't fans of horror movies(such as myself) will still enjoy this. It takes the blood and gore to a level that just seems so ridiculous that it loses the factor that tends to make people squeamish.
3. The supporting cast is great, I mea who doesn't love Lucy Lawless. (I won't lie I was hoping for a Xena - Autolycus joke in there somewhere.
4. It's campy. It doesn't take itself so seriously as to make it a chore to watch. It's not trying to solve world issues or point out some tragedy or social injustice. This is pure entertainment.


The one thing I'm glad they DIDN'T do is go heavy on the catch phrases. Those iconic statements that have become known and well rehearsed by anyone who has seen or heard of the original.

No they keep it to a minimum. And when they DO use them, it's at iconic moments in the show when the impact can be felt and resonates with the viewer.

Ash's statement of "Groovy" after donning his trademark outfit (plus girdle I assume) just sends shivers down your spine and brings goose bumps along you arms. It's in those few moments where you remember why this man and this franchise is still sought after some thirty years since the original iteration.

This really is a show to watch. Yes perhaps it's better if you've seen or even know about the originals, but my family members who have never heard of 'Ash' or the cursed book still enjoyed watching it.

No matter the case, I think it's still a fun ride.


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