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Asin Salman Marriage Scandal

Updated on December 25, 2010
Sexy Asin pic
Sexy Asin pic

Salman Khan and Asin

Did Asin and Salman Khan marry each other? Yes, but only on the screen and not in real life. They still continue to remain as good friends. This realistic Asin Salman Khan marriage scene was picked by a local south newspaper and published this rumor. In fact, both Asin and Salman have decided they will get married Punjabi style, if and when it happens. It will be a big fat Punjabi wedding. Enjoy these Salman Khan Asin wedding pictures from various movies shared on this page and post your thoughts in the comment section below. However, Asin was agreeing saying naughtily that sometimes rumours do come true.


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Asin Salman wedding picAsin Salman togetherAsin Salman couple
Asin Salman wedding pic
Asin Salman wedding pic
Asin Salman together
Asin Salman together
Asin Salman couple
Asin Salman couple

Asin and Salman Khan

 Asin and Salman Khan are also appearing in the remake of the Telugu hit movie "Ready". The weddings scene was shot for this movie. What is so special here is that Asin edged out Deepika Padukone to bag this role. Previous to "Ready", Salman Khan preferred Asin as his co-star in "London Dreams" which was a big flop and did not do well at the box office incurring huge losses. Still, Salman prefers Asin to be his pair in "Ready". This shows Salman and Asin are good friends and is there something more between them is a question. Asin does not do steamy scenes on screen and maintains her policy even in scripts that demand those scenes. She has relaxed her no skin show policy for her next movie with Salman Khan.

Asin's screen marriage with Salman Khan for Anees Bazmi's "Ready" stirred quite a sensation. A section of the media claimed she tied the knot with Salman in the presence of close friends, that her parents weren't invited and stormed into the wedding to stop it.

These marriage rumors  does not help Salman Khan so much that he had to condemn those as silly gossips. Asin received a lot of congratulatory messages and phone calls. At the beginning she was shocked and confused. But later realized about the Ready photo that is causing all the mishap and explained to her well wishers.

 Asin is awaiting the release of her Tamil film "Kavalan" starring Vijay.  Recently Asin was offered a plump role against a top hero which needed her to shed clothes and do some bold scenes. But Asin is reluctant as usual and rejected that offer even as the producer was ready to offer her mega dollars.

There was a scene where Asin being lost in a jungle, and scampering up a tree, with Khan chasing her on the tree. Both Salman and the director were not sure if Asin could carry it off. Climbing a high tree is not quite what you'd expect a soft heroine like Asin to do, especially since this was a massive tree with sprawling branches. One look at the size of the tree and the director decided to use a duplicate for Asin and Salman. But Asin insisted on doing the dangerous scene herself. Salman looked at her as if she was crazy. A harness was attached to her shoulders, and she was lowered on to the tree. Salman had no choice but to do it himself. This simple shot, took three whole days to complete because of this monkey jumping business.

Boney Kapoor who had been giving out hit films, with "Wanted" diected by Prabhu Deva, starring Salman Khan and Ayesha Takia. Boney Kapoor, Husband of Sridevi offered a good role to Asin in a Bollywood movie, but Asin denied it as she did not have time to do the film.

Asin Salman wedding video

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      kailaschozhan 7 years ago from Chennai

      Asin will not do the mistake