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The Importance of Listening to Various Genres of Music

Updated on November 29, 2018
PoiseGirl0018 profile image

I am a blogger, romantic comedy writer, freelance photographer, and music lover from the Philippines. A number one Toto fan.

Music is a companion. Music accompanies us when are working, traveling, relaxing or even when we're feeling down. When words are even more harder to understand, music translates them for us, as if it speaks to our hearts and minds. When no one can relates to our feelings, music can.

— PoiseGirl

Can you imagine yourself living in a world having only one color? Everything you see is white or black? No doubt, no one would love to live in a boring world like that. But how would you feel if music has only one genre? That's even boring, right?

Music plays an important role in our lives. It's a companion. Music accompanies us when are working, traveling, relaxing or even when we're feeling down. When words are even more harder to understand, music translates them for us, as if it speaks to our hearts and minds. When no one can relates to our feelings, music can.

I grew up in a household that listens to only one genre of music. I was so closed-minded and thought other genres were not skillfully written. But then one Saturday night, I had a debate with a friend who was recruiting me that time to join his school band, that was way back high school. When I asked him what should be our lineups, I was disappointed with what I heard from him because the genres of those lineups were not the genres I was into. But that night changed my perspective. He discussed with me some details about each genres and asked me to do some research about them. Later, I found out that the varieties of genres in music were like the varieties of colors that made our world even more wonderful. Every genres represent about the cultures, emotions and the talents of the songwriters, producers and interpreters. And every time I listen to specific genre, I am amazed of the skill behind the song, the person behind the song. It drawn me into the thoughts of digging deeper about the story behind song, what kind of person is the songwriter, etc. So I now, I'm not just listening to one genre but trying to understand the depth of them. Of course every person has personal preferences but I sincerely hope that whoever reads this article will also try to do the same. Please do not limit yourself into
one genre. I tell you, it's fun and beneficial, especially when you're into songwriting.

I'm featuring a playlist called Saturday Night Playlist. This playlist contains different genres and generations from various lands. I include some bios that I gathered for further observation on how they came up with that particular craft. It will surely help you cultivating the skill you need in songwriting.

Saturday Night Playlist

A playlist with various artists and genres.
A playlist with various artists and genres.

Featured Artists

Below are the artists that I personally talked to and they provide short bios for themselves.


An indie producer, song writer, photographer, and author from the small island of Siquijor, Philippines. She started composing song when she was on high school, but since she couldn't be a one-man-band, she is now venturing the world of music production. She produces love song, pop, and electronic music. However she's kinda mysterious, not willing to reveal her identity.


Aldrin Lozano is a Filipino music producer with the alias or artist name of "A&Y", in other words Aldrin&Yna. He entered the world of music around year 2017, and as days go by, he fell in love in music production. He attempts a lot of genres such as Tropical, Bigroom, Bounce, Bootleeg, Trap, EDM, and many more. His alias or artist name symbolizes union, confidence, and inspiration. In every music he creates, there is always a story behind it. He is striving to make his works perfect in every genre he attempts. As long as many people hears the music he creates, as long as he shares the joy, he's greatly satisfied.

Crazy Stupid

Crazy Stupid is a music producer, remixer and writer from South Africa. He produces house, hip hop and dance and still pursuing other genres. He fell in love with music production in 2008 whilst he wanted to pursue the career of becoming a dj. He loves mixing songs and sounds to create a different vibe and style of music.

Donluiz Musique

Donluiz Musicue is a Self Taught Producer. His Full names are (Puseletso Selby Sedikila) Born on May 9, South Africa, Limpopo Province in a small village around Burgersfort, Motlotlo Village Aka Motville
He started to be deeply rooted in House Music at the Age of 13, Because of his brother. At the age of 16 years, Donluiz Musicue & His childhood friend Firecue, founded a Duo Group Called DeepKiller Boys, They then release their first Single with Tokelo Scott titled "Return to Africa" somewhere Between 2011-2012.

In 2014 Donluiz Musicue got a invitation to join Soul Gifted Music Records (Co-Founder By Vico Da Sporo) and got featured on Vico's first album "Heart/Music and Places Vol.1". In 2015 Donluiz Musicue Released His First Debut EP Featuring Various Artists like 1.Rodney SA(Godson) 2.Blaq Owl(Blaq Owl Music) 3.Martin Moeng 4.Exobirtant Dj(U.M.R) 5.KrippSoulique(Co-Founder of Urban Musique) and 6.Vico Da Sporo On a Remix EP Titled 'Soul In Me EP' with Mas-lady. The Year 2016 Donluiz Musicue Released His Second EP under Soul Gifted Music with the title '' 4inch & Half Of Deep n Tech "(Ft. Astute 45,Blaq Owl). Donluiz Musicue Founded his own Record label(Soulique Felas Music) in 2017 and I look forward to work with many producers and vocalist from different countries.

EZ Instrumentals

Eric is an American known by the name Ez Instrumentals. He has been producing digitally now for a litle over a year using caustic 3.2. All my music is original, no copied presets or samples or loops. He has this uniqueness taste of music. He's a BassHead to the fullest and mainly drum and bass driven but in his own unique 808 style and mix. He aims to be different and stay exploring outta bounds. He refuses to be labeled only one type of artist. And lastly he plays a lot instruments.

Frank Iengo

Frank Iengo is an Italian Producer, Musician and Composer born in Naples on August 12, 1964. He lived and produced in Italy until July 2010 and then he moved to New York City (United States). The musical genres that influence him are various such as House, Chillout, Pop, Hip Hop, R&B, Soundtracks, Movie Scores, and anything else that inspires him.


Goslings is the American brainchild of Patrick Shorten. Under the moniker Goslings, he released his debut Troubled in April of this year — an ambitiously 10-track LP. It’s ’80s-pop influenced, especially heard on “Sleep in My Own Arms” which has all of the feels of a David Byrne or Tears for Fears B-Side. The album is full of synths, piano and electric guitar — all of the key components to dark synth-pop. But Goslings takes that and plunges the ’80s-pop era into the future, creating a spacey science-fiction-feeling collaboration of the times.

Indigo Starix

His name is Badal Pratap Singh from a.k.a INDIGO STARIX from India. He produces EDM music such as: Bigroom, progressive house and etc. He's on his one year of producing good music using mobile DAW Caustic 3. He's fully Inspired by late Avicii.

Johan Paulsson

Johan is Swedish artist. Growing up with two loving parents full of music from all over the world, Johan started to show interest in many different genres at an early age. During his life he has made everything from Grunge to Classical music. Right now he works mostly in the genres of Soundtrack, Instrumental, Experimental, Pop, Rock, Metal, Funk, Soul, World and Electronica. His latest release is called ”Let Me Love You Like I Do”, this is the first song that features Johan on vocals in english.

He is always working on new material, so be sure to check him out from time to time!

Julian Hurley

Julian Hurley is an exciting up-and-coming musician from Cape Town, SA. Having grown up in Durban, Julian moved to Cape Town and has successfully pursued both a modelling and acting career, featuring in several magazines, films and TV shows. However, music has always been his passion, having been encouraged to take up the acoustic guitar from an early age. Julian’s musical talent, including his ability to use music as a method of self-expression and emotional release, really caught the eye of the Nash Records team, and with our support, he is now successfully pursuing his passion.


Junsei is a young Mexican indie producer. As he wants to maintain being anonymous but he produces underrated music. He's into retro experimental sounds, and you will hear from his craft the depth of his emotions. Melodic yet, so melancholic.

Kehele Keff

Kehele Keff (Kent Lawrenze Pangan) is a young Filipino music producer from the Southern Region of the Philippines. He started his career during the late 2017 after the influence of many aspiring artist in the country.

He is more on producing uplifting music such as Hardstyle and Trance. His Heart of Euphoria is a great hit and most played of all of his songs and it opened opportunities for him to join in different union and organizations in music industry.

Nick Tempest

Nick Tempest is an Italian multi-talented artist. He chose this screen name to give tribute to the 80s famous rock band Europe. He has this soothing operatic voice which is common in Italy. Aside from being a singer, he is also a photographer.

Nikos Xeroulis

Born and raised in Canada and currently based in Europe. He have beeen involved in music for more than 20 years now playin both in bands and doing solo shows (piano voice). Music lover and support the opinion that good music comes from many genres! As for his own songs even though he's sometimes have difficulty describing them, he would call it all "Art Pop" with small elements of electronic, 80s and R&B.


Noams is an American producer currently living in Prague. He'sbeen producing for about 6 years now. Started off in hip hop/dupstep moving into electronic, pop, and now rock, cinematic, and indie electronic. He released one album as Noams but the tracks are all 1-5 years old; the new stuff comes starting December. He plays piano, percussion, and bass fluently and plan to create a live set when he will get back to NYC to perform live. His first album has been wildly accepted by various playlists on Spotify.


Seempl are 2 DJ's/Produceres Kharitonov Dmitry and Roey Goldstein from Isreal creating EDM/House Tracks/Remixes that are covered by Generated Voices. No real singers are used but software to create Vocals

Tatix Rein

Tatix Rein is a young Filipino EDM producer from the small island of Siquijor. He has his own signature style in the vast world of EDM music. Aside from music he's into photography, IT, graphic designer, computer technecian and video editor. He's a distant relative of AZKHA.

The Almighty Ocean

Disclaimer: All images were personally given to me by those artists. I don't know who were the photographers, however all credits belong to them.
Disclaimer: All images were personally given to me by those artists. I don't know who were the photographers, however all credits belong to them.

The Almighty Ocean is a Filipino indie producer. This is his journey to find unexplored regions of ambient, electronic music and postrock with cinematic feels being discovered thru mobile app experimentations. The music could be described as like that of an ocean; vast, open, unpredictable, with an atmosphere that's longing to be heard.

The Dolphin Crew

The founder of The Dolphin Crew is Edward Raymund Cuerdo aka Eddy Ducreo from Philippines. His producer name is a derivation of his father's nickname (Eddy) and the jumbled form of his surname (Cuerdo). His influences are considerable artists such as Kygo, Skrillex, Matoma, Klingande, and Illenium making his music a mix of tropical house vibes, future house beats and Dubstep/Trap breaks.Eddy Ducreo brands himself as "The Bad Dolphin" often bad tempered but has a sense of justice and fairness. His other personalities are represented by the other "Dolphins", Cool D, representing maturity and seriousness, Big Smile, youth and happiness, and Artsy Andie, passion for the arts.

The Uninc

Will Whelan, (full name: William Leslie McLelland) is an Irish-Canadian muliti-instrumentalist, singer, composer, singer-writer, engineer, occassional session musician, visual artist, performer, and much more. Born in Belfast, Northern Ireland during the tail end of severe political unrest, Will first found refuge in choral music at the age of six, when he joined a local youth choir. He moved to Canada at the age of fifteen into the hub of Vancouver. By the time Will was eighteen, he had graduated from the royal conservatory of music with First-class Honours in performance, technique, advanced theory, and advanced harmony. He now hopes to spread his music throughout the world.

Disclaimer: All images are personally given to me by those artists. I don't know who were the photographers, however all credits belong to them.

I am thankful that I personally talked to these artists. I didn't include those artists I wasn't able to talk personally. I really had a great time knowing them all. It's amazing to know people from different backgrounds and genres. Because of their music I helps me to be more appreciative whatever genre the song is. Why not check them too?

© 2018 PoiseGirl


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