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Aussie Soap Stars Who Pursued Singing Careers

Updated on February 21, 2014

When Soapie Stars Go Pop

In 1987 Kylie Minogue, the pin up girl of Australias premier soap opera, Neighbours released her first single "Locomotion" the success of this song sparked a tidal wave of soap opera star singing careers. I have hand picked for you the most embarrassing offerings I can from those dark days. Some of these actors went from strength to strength. Others not so much. Put your hands together for the all singing all dancing soapie Stars.

Danii Minogue and Julian Mcmahon

Danii Minogue actually has a musical background and was Australias favourite singing cherub on Young Talent Time. Upon leaving Young Talent Time Danii went to the soap opera "Home and Away" in her one year on the show she earned a nomination for a silver Logie. She released her first album "Danii" in 1989. The Albums international release was not until 1991. It was re-named "Love and Kisses" and the title track reached number 4 in Australia. By this time Kylie's career had gone parabolic and the Australian comedy show Fast Forward unkindly ran a parody of "Love and Kisses" called "Famous SIster" Danii married Julian Mcmahon of "Nip Tuck" and "Charmed" fame in 1994. Julian is also the son of Australian Prime Minister Billy McMahon and Lady Sonia Mcmahon. They were married for two years. Danii has gone on to success with singing, stage acting, fashion, TV and Radio. For now though lets revisit the good old days when Danii and Julian made beautiful music together.

Melissa Tkautz

Melissa had early roles in soapies "Richmaond Hill" and "Home and Away". She shot to fame as Nikki Spencer on "E Street". Due to the huge popularity of her E Street character the shows produces decided to have Melissa produce a single "Read My Lips" which went to number one on the ARIA (Australian Recording Industry Association) charts. There was a follow up single "Sexy is the Word" which was well received. She released an album "Fresh" and a third single "Skin to Skin" and returned to acting and modeling.

Craig Mclachlan

Craig Mclachlan played Henry Ramsay on Neighbours and won a Gold Logie in 1990. He started a music career with his band Check 1-2 in 1989. Craig McLachlan has had a successful acting and stage career but there were some moments in the 1990s I am sure he would rather forget. One is the single "Mona" which you can watch in the video below. The other is a famous heckling incident when he did a stand up routine on "The Footy Show". The language in that video might get me kicked off hub pages if I posted it. You can find it you tube if you wish.

Who is the girl in the Huxton Creepers Clip?

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Jason Donovan

Jason played Scott Robinson, Kylie Minogue's or should I say Charlene Mitchell's other half in Neighbours. He pursued a musical career in 1989 which was well received in the UK which had a larger Neighbours audience than Australia. Jason and Kylie had a UK number one with their duet "Especially for You". Jasons next single "Too Many Broken Hearts" also reached number 1 as did his album "Ten Good Reasons". Jason turned to stage acting after Kylie broke off their relationship. He then had a lengthy battle with drugs. He became a father in 2000 and returned to acting in 2005.

Toni Pearen

Ok its getting late. Toni Pearen hung out with Harley, Wheels and Reverend Bob in E Street. Had a musical career in the early nineties. Like who didn't??? and went on to host Funniest Home Videos for... Quite a while.


I was going to put a Kylie video in this piece but most readers will know the songs and the hub is getting lengthy. If you watched all the videos you are probably suffering from drum machine fatigue.

I hope you enjoyed this piece on your old favourites and look forward to our next journey down amnesia lane.

Holly Valance

Holly Valance played "Flick" Scully on Neighbours before embarking on a musical career. Where she famously wore a flesh coloured body suit in the video for "Kiss KIss". Valance returned to acting with a smoking performance in ""Dead or Alive" and a more serious role in "Taken" with Liam Neeson.

Holly Valance

The Neighbours girl of the Naughties. Holly Valance played "Flick" Scully on Neighbours before pursuing a singing career. She then went on to a successful acting career. With some memorable scenes in Dead or Alive. She also appeared in Taken with Liam Neeson.


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    • goosegreen profile image

      goosegreen 5 years ago

      Thanks Harald. Kylie played Charlene Mitchell on Neighbours. Before launching her career with the songs "Locomotion" and "I should be so Lucky". When she first started singing the Australian press unkindly referred to her as "The Singing Budgie". Neighbours was huge in Australia and even bigger in the UK which is a big factor for the success they have enjoyed in those markets. I might have to add a Kylie video for the benefit of my American readers.

    • UnnamedHarald profile image

      David Hunt 5 years ago from Cedar Rapids, Iowa

      I'm afraid I'm not up on Aussie soaps, but I was surprised to learn that Kylie was on a soap opera. It seems an international trend that male soap actors going musical generate more cringe-worthy moments than females. Nice article.