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Australia: Land Beyond Time Movie Lesson Plan

Updated on February 5, 2008

Australia: Land Beyond Time DVD

This is a movie about the natural environment of Australia. It focus on the different ways the Australian animals have adapted to deal with the dry times. Here are some questions to have students answer as they watch the movie:

Australia is the world’s largest _____. (island)

What is the world’s largest exposed rock? Uluru

How are courtship disputes settled between kangaroo males? Boxing

Kangaroos reproduce based on what? Availability of food

What two modern Australian animals evolved from a marsupial possum? Kangaroo and koala

Koala rest how many hours a day? 19

What covers most of the continent? The outback

How many species of ants are there in Australia? 4,000

The echidna is related to the _______. (platypus)

What is the native Australian dog called? Dingo

How often does the interior dry salt lake fill completely? About twice a century


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