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Awake Cast and Characters

Updated on July 30, 2012

Awake Cast and Characters

NBC's Awake TV show is really good but it can be difficult to wrap your head round the who's who in the show and also which reality they are in.

Some of the Awake cast and characters can be found solely in the Green reality, or solely in the Red reality. Other characters can be found in both realities but they are slightly different in each scenario.

In order to make it easier I've compiled a comprehensive guide to the cast and characters of Awake and of where they belong in the TV show.

Also you might have recognised a number of the Awake cast and wondered where you have spotted them before.

Jason Isaacs
Jason Isaacs

Detective Michael Britten

Jason Isaacs as Detective Michael Britten - Michael Britten is a family man and is involved in a car accident with his wife and son. In one reality, his wife died in the car accident but his son survived. When he closes his eyes to sleep he wakes up in the other reality where his his son died in the accident and his wife survived instead. Michael has had to bury both his wife and his son, but in separate realities.

Michael Britten does his best to keep his 2 realities straight by colour coding them. Green is Rex's favourite colour so that's the colour of wristband he wears for Rex's reality. He wears a red wristband in Hannah's reality.

Michael is also a Police Detective and continues to work to support what's left of his family, in both realities. However, his Police Partners differ in each reality along with the crimes he is investigating. However, there is overlap between the realities and the clues in one reality can help solve the crimes in the other reality.

In light of his recent emotional loss he is seeing a Psychologist in both realities. He has explained the situation to each Shrink and they both are adamant that the reality they exist in, is the real world. They both believe that the other reality is a figment of his imagination, created to help him cope with the loss of his son or wife. They believe the other reality is a dream world and does not exist.

Michael has no intention of "getting better" if it means losing his son or his wife on a permanent basis. The long term effects of not having proper sleep may end up taking a toll and they could impact on his sanity.

Jason Isaacs will no doubt look familiar as he is a seasoned actor. He played Lucius Malfoy from the Harry Potter movies over the last decade. He has also played a Michael before in the form of Michael Caffee in the TV series Brotherhood.

Laura Allen
Laura Allen

Hannah Britten

Laura Allen plays Hannah Britten, wife of Michael Britten and mother of Rex Britten.

Hannah is alive in the Red reality and is dead in the Green Reality.

Hannah is decorating the house to overcome the loss of her son. She is trying to imagine a life without Rex and is doing her best to move on. She is angry with Michael as he keeps telling her that he sees Rex in the other reality.

Hannah wants to move house and escape the memories. She also feels that they should have another child.

Laura Allen has also had a lot of time on TV starting with her breakout role on All My Children as Laura Kirk. She was also Lily Moore Tyler in the 4400, which she went on to play for about 3 years. However, I remember her mostly from Dirt where she played a drug addicted celebrity called Julia Mallory. More recently Laura Allen played Katie Nichols in the Terriers TV series.

Dylan Minnette
Dylan Minnette

Rex Britten

Dylan Minnette plays Rex Britten, son to Hannah and Michael Britten.

Rex is alive in the Green reality and is dead in the Red reality.

Rex is finding it hard to cope with the loss of his mother. He was closer to Hannah than to Michael and decides to quit football and return to playing tennis. He feels closer to this mother when he plays tennis as she taught his how to play and she was a really good tennis player.

As Rex struggles to confide in his Dad, he reaches out to his Tennis Coach, Tara.

Tara and Hannah were good friends when they were younger and they both played tennis together. Tara could be a potential love interest for Rex's Dad in the future.

Dylan Minnette has been acting from a young age and his first noticable role was as the younger version of Michael Scofield from Prison Break. He then went on to play Clay Norman in the TV series Saving Grace, for nearly 3 years.

B. D. Wong
B. D. Wong

Dr. John Lee

B. D. Wong plays Dr. John Lee, Michael Britten's Psychologist in the Red reality.

Dr. Lee is adamant that Michael is using the 2 realities to cope with the loss of his son. He also believes that Michael had been drinking the night of the accident and that Michael feels responsible for the death of his son. By creating a reality where his son is alive means Michael doesn't have to feel guilty any more, as to him Rex is still alive.

Dr. Lee tries to get Michael to drop one of the realities with no success. He worries what the long terms effects will be on Michaels sanity if he continues to try to operate in 2 worlds.

B. D. Wong has been in a number of movies and TV series from Father of The Bride, to Jurassic Park and had a long standing role as Dr. George Huang in Law and Order, which went on for nearly 10 years.

Cherry Jones
Cherry Jones

Dr. Judith Evans

Cherry Jones plays Dr. Judith Evans, Michaels Psychologist in the Green reality.

She plays the same role as Dr. Lee but in the other reality. She has very similar thoughts and ideas as Dr. Lee and tries her best to help Michael comes to terms with the loss of his wife.

Cherry Jones most recent popular role was as President Alison Taylor on 24. Before that she has appeared in numerous films, such as Ocean's Twelve, The Village, Signs and Erin Brochovich.

Wilma Valderrama
Wilma Valderrama

Detective Efrem Vega

Wilma Valderrama as Detective Efrem Vega.

Efrem Vega exists in both realities. In the Red reality he is the new partner of Detective Britten. He thinks Det. Britten asks for him to be promoted but he quickly realises Det. Britten thinks he needs to be babysat and is wasting his time. The truth is Michaels normal partner, Bird, is being moved so the Chief can keep an eye on Michael. Those higher up don't believe everything is ok with Det. Britten and want an impartial party to give them insight into Michaels state of mind.

In the Green reality, Vega is still a Police Officer.

Wilma Valderrama goes way back to That '70s Show. He was Fez and appeared in over 200 episodes. Since then he appeared in a number of movies and TV series, with his most noticable appearance as Manny in the TV series Handy Manny.

Steve Harris
Steve Harris

Detective Isaiah Freeman aka Bird

Steve Harris plays the role of Detective Isaiah Freeman but more commonly known as Bird.

Bird and Britten have been long standing partners and know each other well.

They work cases together and Bird starts to see Michael doing things that makes him worry that perhaps Michael isn't ready to come back to work.

Steve Harris crops up all over the place but is well remembered as Eugene Young, a lawyer from The Practice.

Michaela McManus
Michaela McManus

Tara the Tennis Coach

Michaela McManus is Tara the Tennis Coach.

Tara and Hannah played tennis together when they were younger. Tara is now coaching Hannah's son Rex.

Hannah was a tennis professional but never made it to the big leagues.

Michaela McManus is recognisable from her more recent role as the werewolf Jules from the TV series Vampire Diaries. Before that she played Kim Greylek on Law and Order for a season. Here first major recurring TV series role was as Lyndsey Strauss from One Tree Hill.

Watch the Awake Trailer

Awake Characters - Red or Green Reality?

If you are still struggling to figure out which Awake cast and characters appear where then the following section should make it crystal clear.

The left part of the picture is from the Red reality and the right part of the picture is the Green reality.

The Awake trailer on the right shows the cast and the different realities.

Red Reality Versus The Green Reality

Rex and Michael Britten buried Hannah in the Green reality.

Hannah and Michael Britten buried Rex in the the Red reality.

Dr. Evans believes the Red reality is the "dream" and that Michael Britten is using it as a way to figure out what happened in the accident.

Dr. Lee is in the Red reality and believes Michael Britten is "dreaming" the Green reality to compensate for being responsible for the car accident that killed his son.

In the Green reality, Bird continues to be Detective Britten's partner and Vega is still a Police Officer.

Detective Vega has replaced Bird in the Red reality, as Detective Britten's Partner.

Find out why Awake is on the list of cancelled TV shows in 2012.

I think it will get easier after a few episodes to keep the Awake cast and characters in the right places, once some more differences start to appear. As time develops, I think the different realities will start to slide wider apart as Michael Britten develops 2 separate lives.


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