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Away We Go; Movie Review

Updated on July 9, 2009

 John Krasinski and Maya Rudolph are perfect in this unexpected sleeper of a movie.  Projecting the same kind of tone as Juno, Krasinski and Rudolph; expecting a child (but very excited about raising the little one), set out from city to city in search of a place they would want to call home.

They first, expect grand-parental support from his parents (hers died but it is never disclosed how and why) but they throw a zinger at them making them realize that grandparents will not be a major part of their daughter to be's life.  They also realize that they don't have deep ties with siblings or any people that they consider to be close friends.  Thus, their travels across North America, searching for connections and a feeling of "home" in which they can raise their child.

Allison Janney is brash, offensive and hysterical as an old boss and prospective pal.  An alcoholic who criticises everyone (including her own children) and can't figure out why she and her dead beat husband can't get into the country club.  Maggie Gyllenhaal is shocking as a mom who still breast feeds her 4 year old son and who sees nothing wrong with having sexual relations in front of her children in the "family" bed. 

During the film, Rudolph and Krasinski seem so in tune with each other, one would truly think that they were a couple in real life (are they?).  They have such a symbiotic relationship with each other and his calm demeanor and sweetness just melts your heart.  She is steady, sensible and accepting; however, she refuses to ever get married.  This is a puzzler to me and I am sure to others, believing that if one is committed enough to have a child with and live forever with someone that marriage would be a natural kind of commitment.  Nonetheless, you can sense their dedication to each other and their resolve to raise their child in the happiest and steadiest environment they can find. 

The final decision is tenderhearted and unexpected.  Out of five stars, I would rate Away We Go and 3.5 and I do recommend catching this sweet movie with a pal. 


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